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Xue er

Been blogging since 2005.
I have a TUMBLR page, where I reblog stuff.
I believe in dressing fashionably.
Oh and I have a "disease", I only wear new clothes on Saturday, don't ask me why, when you're sick, you are.
Don't underestimate my camwhore skills,I have AT LEAST one selfie per week.
Let's love life & live well.
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Wednesday, July 30, 2014
FATTY. JUICY. YUMMY Long Weekends!

Saturday (26th July 2014)

The boy went with me to church for my church 25th Anniversary!
It feels even greater, when Terrence is back too!
So glad to be in this house of God for more than 11 years, the best has yet to come~!
Happy that I'm blessed with awesome friendship, my awesomepeeps. 
We grew up in church together.

After service, my awesomepeeps and I went back down to
Godma's for awesome feasting.
Godma did it again this round with Roasted Veggies, Rosti, Apple Crumple, Pastas & 
even self-made Peppermint ice-cream.
Yummy. Yumyums~

The food was so good that all of us were eating quietly and quickly!
Snatching and aiming at the food..
nearly left none for Jojo, the late-comer. hahaha!!
We also took the opportunity to celebrate Terrence and my Boy's
advanced birthday, they share the same day!
Happy Birthday my bitch, love you always and always will. 

As for pictures with the boy shall be posted after his surprise birthday.
I've been busy planning his birthday, it's a surprise!
So after 1st August, I'll have pictures for the boy's birthday.
So.. Stay tune!

Sunday (27th July 2014)

The boy's advanced birthday celebration with his family at
The RISE RESTAURANT, Marina Bay Sands.
 Thank you cuzzie for all the favours for making these happened for us & his family.
Food time!

Look at those hands at the dessert bar.. I couldn't take a proper photos without hands!
As youngster, we usually will let others take pictures I believed,
but these hands belongs to Aunties!
One of them even pushed me away.. I didn't know buffet has legs!
I hate buffet! Everyone's like hungry ghost!
hahaha~ nevermind that aside..
Close up for the food..

Special arrangement for the boy.
Ground staff sang a birthday song for him.

Overall, the service wasn't good.
Plates wasn't cleared, if not I would have more pictures.
But no, because I don't want to take pictures full of empty plates. 
Food was so-so only.
It's about 60 per pax.
I probably think his family will not dine there again. haha!


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Friday, July 25, 2014
I am waiting for the day.

"The difference between my darkness 
and your darkness is that I can look at 
my own badness in the face and accept 
its existence while you are busy covering 
your mirror with a white linen sheet.
The difference between my sins 
and your sins is that when I sin I know 
I'm sinning while you have actually fallen prey 
to your own fabricated illusions. 
I am a siren, a mermaid; I know that I am beautiful while basking on the ocean's waves 
and I know that I can eat flesh and bones 
at the bottom of the sea. 
You are a white witch, a wizard; 
your spells are manipulations and 
your cauldron from hell yet you 
wrap yourself in white and wear a silver wig."

C. JoyBell C.

Hypocrites will never name themselves one.
Just like the thieves will do the same.


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Thursday, July 24, 2014
Shin Kushiya - J.E.M

Last Sunday was Baby Cayto's 1st Birthday all the way at the WEST~
I had a pretty hard time getting there as an east-sider. hahaha.
Happy Birthday Cayto Tan.. All your yiyi super love you! 

We didn't had too much food during the party..
So we had an early dins at SHIN KUSHIYA~
Atas and overpriced.. overpriced and super overpriced.
But it's kinda worth the price and worth the try.
To me, it taste almost same like Sushi Tei standard.
Personally, I always have love for Japanese Curry, so I actually try their Seafood Curry with Rice!
Chawanmushi (It's tiger prawn!)

Fresh & Thick Sashimi(s)

Sashimi Bento

Seafood Curry Rice

Although the price is really o.o
But the food makes it all worth.
It's one of the other choice for Japanese cuisine. 


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Monday, July 21, 2014
Cheap try. Best try. Must try!

Today's "MUST TRY" is CHICKEN RICE BALL, in Singapore. 

Not only its very rare.. it's taste good. 
Well recommended by "Hungrygowhere".
Last friday, my colleague brought us there to try.
It was introduced to him by his dad.
I guess many people were like me, thinking that we can only find this in Malacca.
It's located somewhere near Little india area.
It's yummy and unique!
I only managed to finished one ball though as it's too filling.
Chicken Rice Ball

Shared among 8 of us

Good buy. Best buy. Must buy.
Total bill each of us only pay $5.00!
Yummy chicken rice, awesome soup with unique rice..
What's more to not try?

Address: Hainan Chicken Rice Ball
Boon Hwa Food Center
43 Jalan Besar


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Friday, July 18, 2014
Special Thanks to Floral Sanctuary!

People always says that "The best gifts is when you least expected it, and you got it!"

Yesterday was just another working day, like every other day..
I was doing some work in the office...
Skyping with the boy until my mobile phone rang..

"Hello, I'm here to deliver something to you, but no one's at the door.."
(I thought the delivery man was at my house door and my house has no one.)
"Huh~ What is it?"
"Huh~ From who?"
"Ohhh, errrr... no one is at home at this hour, just leave it outside my house.."
"No la.. haha, I'm at your office.."

Totally shocked, went to my office door. 
Lo and behold.. the delivery man holding the pretty flowers,
 First reaction - CHECK THE FLORIST!
Seems like the boy did learnt a lesson from V-day and
decided to engage a trustworthy florist this time round.
In my amused state, I signed the delivery acknowledgment slip.
The delivery man can't stop laughing at me, I guess I really look silly!

Oh great~ mixed feeling!
Why is my Big C and her sissy on the boy's side?! HAHAHA!
I was totally kept in the dark!
No one hint me anything about this arrangement which was planned one day ahead.
Nevertheless, I'm super happy and feeling very blessed!

Thank You for loving me.
Thank You for these pretty flowers.

You know why is it so so special?
Because the reason the boy got me these flowers is just to brighten up my days.
No occasions or whatsoever.
I'm in loveee.
Fresh roses from Floral Sanctuary. #NOFILTER

Isn't this flower and design pretty?!
It's done by Steph, the Ladyboss of Floral Sanctuary.
I don't have much to say.. but I can only say.
I love it alot and Thank You Floral Sanctuary and of course, Thank you my Baby!
My excitement over these flowers isn't over yet!
Here's a Friday selfie because I'm feeling pink, so I'm wearing pink!

 Look for them if you wanna surprise your love ones!
Trust me, you won't be disappointed!
Floral Sanctuary
Block 3  Saint George's Road
#01-95 Singapore 320003
(5mins walk from Boon Keng MRT Exit A)
Contact : 6298 1853
Call/Sms/Whatsapp to +65 8298 1150

TGIF peeps!

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Thursday, July 17, 2014
Ah Long Pancakes

I started working in this office since January this year.
Last time, I always skip meals for sleep, but it's so different here.
My colleagues always drive out to dine because of me, the princess.
hehehe, I am happy that I am blessed with nice aunties & uncles here.
I'm treated like their daughter. Of course there's still ought to be a few that dislike you.
Well, life goes on.

I wanna share with you guys my lunch yesterday.
Lavender Pig Organ soup. Many should know how yummy this pig organ soup is.
The boy called it no-more-hangover-soup, works like some deity pills for him hahaha!

From the title, you should know this isn't the main dish of the day.
The "old people" was saying "the "Ming-jian-kway" aka pancakes is very famous and nice.

This was my definition of "Ming jian kway"!
Hahaha, I told them I'm not interested.
They managed to lure me over to take a look.
I was totally tempted and decided to try.

How to not drool~

The fierce-looking auntie

$2.20 - Ham + Cheese + Egg

Not very sure what is this hehe!

Let's talk about the taste of this pancake.
We bought it at about 2 pm, have it at 4pm when it's already cold.
However, it still taste good.
I heard this hawker is going to be demolish, my colleagues ask the auntie where are they shifting to..
She point at the south direction and said: "near the 7-eleven there".
Okay don't know where.. want to go, go now!

Jalan Besar - 380 Jalan Besar,
New Century Food Paradise,
Singapore 209000
Time: 12.15pm – 11pm


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Tuesday, July 15, 2014
Cybercrime | Self- Infliction yay or nay?

Latest news circulating on facebook in the bloggers world now..
"TeyCindy stalked by #WHY."
It was circulated by some of my facebook friends and after reading the whole article, I have so many thoughts that I wanna pen it down.

When you're a victim of cybercrime, what should you be thinking?
Once, I also had someone(considered as a friend), she would asked me a lot of questions:-
1) Where do you usually do your  shopping
2) What's your favorite food
3) Where do you usually cut your hair
Whenever she sees me, she will comment that she likes my this or love my that and
sometimes she'll even make weird compliments that will literally blow off my mind.
Back then, I was super into parties and bustiers.
I was already dining in cafes or restaurants
I have my favourite-one-and-only hairstylist in Singapore, Kason.
She even added "er" behind her name, just like my name "Xue Er".
I certainly knows how terrible is that feeling to have someone trying to imitate everything of yours.
Mine, was to face a "REAL-LIFE-STALKER-CRIME" almost every weekend.
I did felt very uncomfortable, but my friends and I just joke it off all the time. 
On the brighter side, you're special, that person looked up to you or love your fashion sense.
However, on the dark side.. the person is like a pest to you.

Uh-huh wait. Think about it again.. CYBERcrime.
Something that gotto do with CYBER, the internet.
a) There's millions of user online, all at once almost every minute.
We are living in "Google-tells-you-everything" era you know?

b) Your social  media's profile is not private ENOUGH. (Facebook, Instagram, Blogs or etc..)
- Facebook maybe its in private mode, but how private?
As a facebook user for years, do you know that if your friend share your post, everything can be seen clearly unless the privacy is set properly, continuously? (if one person sets it public, that's it.) 
My point is, its private yet not private. 
Only you can ensure your own privacy.

- Instagram, if your profile is NOT private then you shouldn't blame others for copying your images? Oh wait.. not copying your images but maybe copying your style, 
your captions or even the way you take pictures.

i. Copy your fashion style
(Singapore is so small, only a few famous boutiques, zara, topshop, F21, new look and etc, carrying the same range of clothes, in-trend in its time, how to determine someone is copying your style unless the person matched EVERYTHING (top-toe) just like you did?)
Moreover, no one will put off the clothings the same way, exactly like how you did.
Don't worry.

ii. Copy of captions
(If copying of captions is cybercrime, everyone will be busying reporting cybercrime because captions are common and subjective, you can easily find 1000 same captions in 1000 different pictures such as those famous quotes.)

iii. Copy the way you take picture
(For e.g: Selfie. How many angles can you pose to take a selfie? Tilt left, tilt right, lie down, stand up and etc. So many people taking same kind of photos, same pose or even same angle.. cybercrime? No time.)

I think at the end of the day, it's really up to you to post what you wanna post. You posted = You want/ allow people to view, You wanna share.. be it nice food, cheap clothes or deals. Whether someone is going to copy you anot, it's not within your control, never. I remember when I'm back into blogging in blogspot, my Facebook, tumblr, twitter and etc can be easily available on the left column in my blog and the boy warned me not to give too much information online. Let's be straightforward, you wanna post, you don't make noise when someone starts to stalk or copy you. If you wanna stop cybercrime, the best way is to get off the cyberworld.
Take it easy and just be happy. 

** The above post is just my personal opinion. Not against TeyCindy (I don't know her, she don't know me.) and of course I'm NOT for #WHY definitely. Just that the boy asked me if I know about these issue few days ago and today I had a clear read of the post and I am just penning down my thoughts. I am against stalker but I know I can't stop anyone from stalking. This article is just for reference. 

Some personal opinions on my own space won't hurt ya? **


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Monday, July 14, 2014
Twenty-one-inch pizza

Suntec City is usually very packed with people on Saturdays..
I got a gathering with my awesomepeeps right after our church service.
We wanted to have Aston but the queue was horrible.
We walked passed Peperoni Pizzeria, the queue wasn't any better
but my friends said: "oi.. this is the 21-inch pizza place!"
It really caught my attention.
We decided to queue up no matter how long we need to wait.

The wait is totally worth it!!!
The food is 9/10.
There's like 6 of us, we ordered as if we haven eaten for years.
I thought we'd over-ordered..
So afraid that we couldn't finished but we did it!
The pizza is so good. The skin is so thin yet the ingredient is overwhelming.

1) Mushroom soup ($8)
yummy yummy. I told the boy that this mushroom soup is so much better compared to his 300+ dollars dinner at some michelin restaurant in MBS during this year's Valentine's Day which had brought me to..HAHAHA!

2) Calamari Fritti ($14)
Deep fried squid rings; with lemon, mayo and arrabbiata sauce.

3) Funghi Portobello con Pollo ($20)
Deep fried whole portobello with sautéed chicken fillets in red wine sauce.
I don't really like the taste of these though..

4) MAIN DISH: FAMILY PIZZA (Half Saucisson (Pork) and half Suprema) ($50)
Saucisson (Pork): Pepperoni, bell peppers, onions & roasted garlic
Suprema: Shitake, chicken sausage, onions & red chilli
You can choose your own flavors for 21-inch pizza!
Love it so much that every now and then, I'll crave for it.
I think I had like 6-8 pcs.. hehehe :D

Drop by to have a try..
It's huge and worth it..because

3 Temasek Boulevard #B1-130
Telephone: (+65) 6884 7737
Opening Hours: Mondays to Saturdays: 11am to 9.30pm | Sundays: 11am to 9.30pm
Closed from 3pm to 5pm on Mon to Fri
Public Holidays: Closed on certain holidays. Please call to enquire.
Corkage: $30 per 75cl. bottle


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Thursday, July 10, 2014

My friend found this seller from Gumtree. All the prices that seller offered, were too good to be true.
The seller do not accept C.O.D but accept 100sgd deposit & the balance to be C.O.D.
After my friend transferred 100sgd to the person, the person sent another email telling my friend to pay another 120sgd for the shipping to be process.
My friend refused to pay this "hidden cost" which was not even mentioned at all beforehand so my friend asked for refund but the seller refused.
About a day later, the seller replied saying that He had paid 50sgd, and my friend has to pay balance 70sgd.My friend refused and asked for refund again but the seller kept on rejecting.
The seller also refused to provide any contact number and claimed that only if my friend pay that 70sgd, then he will issue an official receipt which has contact number printed on it.
Alternatively, my friend, got one of his friend to do a check and try to fake a deal with this seller.
The seller apparently agreed to discuss more details on whatsapp and his number begins with +229 (Greenland).When the seller was questioned about why is it a different country code the seller said: "it's cheaper using this number."
What B*LLS**T!~
In Singapore, we all know that the cheapest is to use Singtel, M1 or Starhub's prepaid card isn't it? Like if we go Taiwan, it's always cheaper to use their "inhouse brand"?
After 2 days of "email war" my friend decided to make a police report yesterday.
The seller also claimed to be from a registered company: "singnetmobilestore" which was unable to be identified in our Singapore's IRAS website, and claimed that he/she is not afraid of police.

Guys.. if you all google this email address you will find that seller is selling all kinds of gadget stuff on Gumtree, Locanto or whichever Free Ads platform.

Email: moureankwan.singnet@hotmail.com
Acct Name: Mourean Kwan
Acct Number: 068-20231-0
Acct Type: Posb Savings
Police is now investigating this account (hopefully).

Let's be careful when we buy things online.
If they are not transparent, they don't worth the deal.

Do not transfer any money online so easily. 
Keep your money well, before your money starts to teach you a lesson. 


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Wednesday, July 9, 2014
Back to the first date with new Churros!

It's been probably a month since I had Rosti.
So.. as I crave, my craving shall be satisfy.. hehe~
Back to Marche, it's our first dinner as friends back then.
We had almost the same food.
Somehow, I think Marche standards is dropping drastically.
Looks like the Rosti queue is always the looooonnnnnnnggggggeeesssssssttttttt.

During the dinner, the boy pester me to must-have Churros after our dinz.
I wasn't looking forward to it at all lah.. because I wasn't a fan of sweet stuff.
I had Churros once, in GRUB and I decided that it's just not my type of food.
After dinz, we walked over to Orchard Central, L5.

Almost Empty!

 Happy that we managed to get seats.
It's quite packed after a certain timing like 9-ish.
The boy was the one who ordered~ so I don't know what's the name of this!
Fresh & Hot!!!

I could feel the heat when the churros was handed over to me by the waiter.
Nice packaging with 3 holes for the dips.
The boy fed me the first churros dipped with milk chocolate.
he went on with the second dip, with dark chocolate and fed me again~
** Ding Dong Ding Dong **
Now as I blog about it, I am thinking and craving for it.
Good stuff, Must intro!
Go try now~

181 Orchard Road, 
#05-51/52 Orchard Central, 
Singapore 238896
Operating Hours:
Open 11am to 10pm Daily

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

So as I did mentioned in one of my past post that I was trying to sell my Samsung camera
as I really wanted that new camera.
However, I wanna try to be able to cover as much cost as possible. 
I've received an email days ago, from SCAMMER!
Points to note:-

1) He asked if it's still available.
2) He tells you grandmother story like "I'm getting for my daughter who is in Malaysia, however he is from US.
3) All he ever does was to ask for prices and shipping charges only, didn't even asked for pictures until I offered to show him.(Will you ever wanna buy used item online but yet never request for pictures? NOT FOR ME LAH!)
Okay, I don't buy used item though.
4) I tried tested him by telling him, I will only ship out the items after the cash is in, he agreed.
5) But here comes the payment time..

"Ramos Adrian
Jul 2 (1 day ago)

Hello am happy to tell you that I have made the payment into your bank
account,kindly check your email both inbox,spam and junk email for the
payment confirmation from Citibank what you have to do now is that you
get the item shipped and send the Shipment receipt and Tracking Number
to Citibank for verification and after Citibank verify the Shipment
the money will be fully credit into your account thanks reply asap.."



Next moment, I've really got an email, subject: ***TRANSFER CONFIRMATION***

Managing Director 


(+1) 434 322 0772

One look at this email, it looked really fake and super unprofessional. Since when banks will use such format..
or rather does bankers email client personally? Isn't citibank's email should end with citibank.com or whatsoever?

I went on to google the contact number. I was linked to all the scammer alerts and surprisingly, email format/style are all the same just sent using different name.
What if I didn't check? But I really thank God I've checked, otherwise I would have lose my camera just like that.
Google is really super helpful. I was nearly a victim, so close..

Guys, please be really careful when you're selling stuff online. Always be on high alerts for scammer.

Always check and double check or even triple check. 
Don't be the next victim.


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