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Friday, October 17, 2014
HardRock Hotel Staycation - My Birthday Celebration.

  Good Morning Earthlings! Today I'm slightly early here but I know I'm long-winded which will only make this post available in the afternoon by the time I clicked "post"! hahaha. I find myself enjoying and loving staycations. So what are the hotels which I had stayed before here in Singapore? Ascott Raffles, ParkRoyal, Swissotel, Grand Copthorne, M hotel, Marina Bay Sand & many many more. This time round, I get to try HardRock Hotel. I was there since the night of 9th October, throughout the 3D2N, he hardly had time for me because he was there for business purposes. I hosted my own party with thegirlfriends on 10th.. hehehe.

It's a Deluxe Room, very small but better than nothing la huh? It's free by the way. Please pardon my shaky hands and the twisting of angle because the room is too small for me to stretch my hands out all the time throughout the video.

The Wardrobe greets you right after the door.

Followed by The Washroom (Open concept & door-less)

Yea, no bathtub ):

The Room

I have to say, I had never like any hotel located in Sentosa. This is just my personal preference. It's very far and I feel as if I'm grounded on a deserted island for 3D2N, travelling out is such a hassle. Not sure why, the rooms of any hotels in Sentosa which I had stayed before were usually sandy. Girlfriends & I went for swimming, doubtlessly the pools are awesomely beautiful & special in its own way. They have a sandy-beach style swimming pool and normal pool but even those normal pool has sand it in. I just feel uncomfortable swimming in it ): but I understand that the hotels also can't keep clearing the sand in the normal pool or stop people whom swam in the sandy ones from coming to the normal pool. So the best is, I'm not going there again. The flooring for the shower room in the room is rather slippery too, baby Cayto nearly slipped and fall. If you are bringing your kids to stay in HardRock Hotel, please take note of the safety of your child, its cramped inside so if your child happened to slip and fall, they might hit some corner or other item within the small space.

Here's the scenery from our room.

After a swim, we were all famished. We had Imperial Treasure for dinner.
Baby Cayto was even more hungry than us.

The food is average but what matter the most is the company that was with me. These girlfriends were with me since secondary school. We had known each other, inside-out. We still do get angry with each other.. That's life. We get it done and over with very soon. Our birthday is very close to each other so we usually celebrate together. Here's all the Libras beside Yvonne. From the single-havoc-party ladies to the going-to-settle-down-very-soon women. Thank you for arranging the surprise and they know I don't eat cakes so my cake is durian puff! hahaha. Love you all very much. Cheers to our many more years to come!

My birthday doesn't just end here. On my actual day, 11th Oct, after check-out, The smellies couple came to pick us up from HardRock Hotel and sent us home, its really damn sweet of them! Appreciate it alot smellies! Had a quick nap, head to town to choose my present. I couldn't decide between Lambskin or Calfskin but I really love the Lambskin. It's too hard to maintain so I'm happy with Calfskin. Love my wallet even until now, been eyeing it for so long. Thank You baby! (:

It's the black & white x flower.

 Initially we wanted to dine at Pince & Pints but they don't take reservation and its a Saturday. To substitute for my Lobster, we still did had Lobster at Crystal Jade (Takashimaya). Both the porridge and Lobster E-fu Noodle are yummy! Such a big lobster for just $38+, can eat right?!

After dins, went to meet the smellies couple at smelly John's crib for a short Youtube session. Ohhh guys, you all should watch "The Return of Superman" it is very nice and addictive. Anyway, We went to KTV at Cash Studio (Cuppage). We didn't know that this outlet had replaced their controller with mobile app. It's draining to the battery but you can ask for a charger. They explained that app is much faster than their initial controller. Overall, my birthday was simple yet I'm very happy with this simplicity. Hope you like and take note of what I shared about HardRock Hotel!


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