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Xue er

Been blogging since 2005.
I have a TUMBLR page, where I reblog stuff.
I believe in dressing fashionably.
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Don't underestimate my camwhore skills,I have AT LEAST one selfie per week.
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Thursday, September 25, 2014
Alexander 1st Birthday!

To be living in the now-days, we all know that technologies are replacing our earth.
Perhaps, there would be a electronic Earth in future? hahaha.
Can't imagine it at all!
Last Sunday, it was my super friendly Nephew 1 year old birthday party.
Had a family gathering.

My dad is now using Samsung S5, so Uncle C came and said:
"wah, you also know how to use this kind of phone?"
Daddy went on showing them how to play a fishing app game.
Uncle C then "flashed" out his Iphone 6 and said his wife and him is
using Iphone 6 plus & Iphone 6 each.
Daddy asked if they 'd joined the queue, they said no, simply just order online.

So here comes the Birthday Cake cutting time.
Everyone starts to take out their mobile phone.
While, I took out my Samsung NX Mini and snap away.
Aunt G, start to discuss about her Iphone 6 too.
Aunt G then came to me and asked:
"girl.. you never buy uh? Latest one leh."
I was like: "nope, I have no interest in Iphone, my this camera is new and awesome."
She went on asking: "can send to phone meh?"
Of course, I can connect to Wifi and NFC!
Love these clear pictures!

It was a constant war between
Samsung VS. Iphone
hahaha but everyone seems to be happy about their purchase in anyway.
I'm still fascinated by my new camera, hahaha!
This is my technology-savvy family, we are never outdated in technologies.
Some people might find us stupid, but what matter to us most, is not money


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