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Xue er

Been blogging since 2005.
I have a TUMBLR page, where I reblog stuff.
I believe in dressing fashionably.
Oh and I have a "disease", I only wear new clothes on Saturday, don't ask me why, when you're sick, you are.
Don't underestimate my camwhore skills,I have AT LEAST one selfie per week.
Let's love life & live well.
Feel free click "comment" to comment anything at the end of each post.


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Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Try voting for me again!

Hi readers, some people feedback that the previous link doesn't work.
Go under "Vote" tab.
Remember to like their page first.
Even if you are from overseas, you can still help me cast a vote!
If the above link still doesn't work, please help me to trouble yourself for just 5 mins.
- Search for Asia Travel (Singapore)
- Look for Mother's Day photo contest and click on it.
- Vote for my picture
Click vote button for the below picture!

Your vote is very important!
Thank You & much appreciated! ^^


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I'm exploding on the inside of me!

Yesterday, I brought home the bouquet that Stephanie, the
lady boss of Floral Sanctuary sent to my office.
My mommy asked: "Mother's Day.. I have flowers anot?" (My mom never mention she loves flower before)
Okay Mommy, I got the hint. 
Just texted Steph to make orders.
I just placed my orders for Mommy's day, have you?!
I couldn't really decide what I want, so I texted her to ask many many millions of questions.

Was really thinking, my Mommy had been trying so hard to revive that balded garden outside my house, super balded one HAHAHA!
Getting bouquet of roses can be so mainstream,.
So.. I asked Steph to introduce me something that can be planted or last longer than just bouquet of flowers.
She suggested POTTED ROSES!

So yes! I'm getting both, a bouquet & one potted roses for my Mommy!
One is ready & beautifully wrapped by Steph to live for awhile & fade, another for Mommy to slowly revive her balded garden herself.
Steph told me these are local small roses, it's not hard to grow like those cutted roses for bouquet.
Now.. my Mommy can get two dreams fulfilled in just one day, isn't it amazing?
I'm so excited, I wonder how will Mommy react when she got it?
I'll be away in Taiwan next week till Mother's Day, 11th May.
I really needed some help from Steph and her team with this surprise and I trust her.
All I need to do now is make payment for my orders & update Steph when to surprise my Mom!
I'm really so excited just by planning this surprise.
I really love my Mommy a lot because she always gives me what I wants or needs.
She deserves to be happy.
Appreciate your Mommy today!

Order from Floral Sanctuary.
(PS: I wasn't paid to advertise, I blogged based on personal experience.)
Their price is really REASONABLE/ CHEAP!
Buy from them now!
Best still, contact the owner straight!
Call/ SMS/ Whatsapp, Stephanie: 8298 1150(24/7 at your service!)
You can choose to have your flowers delivered (delivery charges applies) or self collected.
Address: Blk 3 St George's Road #01-95, Singapore, Singapore 320003

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014
Vote for me!

Hey guys! I happened to browse through my facebook.
Spotted Asia Travel Singapore is holding a Mother's Day contest.
I would like to give it a try and hopefully win the staycation with my mom!!!
Please help me up readers~
2) LIKE the page.
for this picture which you can find in that page

Your vote is important to me ^^
Just 3 steps away friends~
Thank you all in advance.
Very much appreciated.

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Review: Floral Sanctuary

Have you ordered yours?
Lady boss Stephanie did a bouquet and have it sent to my office today!!!
Upon delivery, my colleagues eyes were literally O.O
Make your love ones feel special today.
Roses Promotion is now on for Mother's Day, appreciate them while you can!
Here's a video of the beautiful roses in 360 degree.

It's red roses with pearls & crystals together with some flower fruit.
It look so complete & perfect.
I'm in love with these flowers & it's on my office desk now.
*Display mode on*
Of cause my selfie with these beautiful flowers!

Look at the video to have a closer look of the quality of the flowers that Floral Sanctuary offers.
Can you trust them? Yes I do!
and of cause they don't just offer for Mother's Day alone.
They offer many other different flowers for different occasion for girlfriends, dates or even proposal!
Shortlist them as your florist today~
Thank you Lady boss for this beautiful bouquet!

Buy from them now!
Best still, contact the owner straight!
Call/ SMS/ Whatsapp, Stephanie: 8298 1150(24/7 at your service!)
You can choose to have your flowers delivered or self collected.
Address: Blk 3 St George's Road #01-95, Singapore, Singapore 320003

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Monday, April 28, 2014
Choose the right florist for Mother's Day 2014!

She fought hard for 9 months, emotionally, physically & psychologically.
She fought really hard during labor.
She fought even harder when you & I starts our journey in this world.
She is still fighting for you now..
Why? For just you and my existence.
and she's none other than our Mom!

It's once again the time of the year to appreciate the fighter of our life.
Mother's Day is just around the corner, what have you prepared for the silent fighter in your life?
Well, let me give you a great idea and deal for this year's Mommy's Day!
As much as one would says "I dislike flowers", "it's a waste of money" or blah blah..
(like what i used to say.)
They will have this twinkling lovey feelings when they received one from the right person, trust me.
When I got my first bouquet from the boy this year during Valentine's Day,  I was overjoyed!
Make your Mom feels special this season, yes.. you got my hint?

Your florist helps to convey your message.
Growing up in a chinese family, expressing our love openly isn't our culture.
Write it on a card and get your florist to send it together with the flowers on your behalf! 
Easier isn't it, win-win situation ;)
During Valentine's Day, the boy ordered a customized soft toy bouquet from the other florist, my Hello Kitty
supposed to be sitting on the flowers but when it was delivered to me,
it was tied beside the flowers instead.
They didn't deliver what they agreed on, hence they are blacklisted.
Choose FLORAL SANCTUARY this time for your Mother's Day flowers!
The owner is a straightforward person, she won't agree on something that cannot be done.
She will suggest what's best for you!
(PS: you won't want your love ones to feel shortchange.)
Its shop is located in neighbourhood area.
Let's look at the cheap deals for this season!

6 Stalks Rose Bouquet $22
12 Stalks Rose Bouquet $30
24 stalks Rose Bouquet $45
6 stalks Carnation Bouquet $30 
(choice to mix with roses)
12 stalks Carnation Bouquet $38
(choice to mix with roses)
1 stalk Sunflower Bouquet $20
3 stalks Sunflower Bouquet $45

***Delivery add on $15
(delivery not valid to sentosa & restricted areas)
*** Subjected to availability

Choose your own design!
Here's a few design I really love~

Flowers will never be out of trend.
I always believe in appreciating those that are still around.
Cause when they're are gone, you can never see the smile when they received your love.
Buy from them now!
Best still, contact the owner straight!
Call/ SMS/ Whatsapp: 8298 1150(24/7 at your service!)
You can choose to have your flowers delivered or self collected.
Address: Blk 3 St George's Road #01-95, Singapore, Singapore 320003

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Friday, April 25, 2014
Review: GRUB

Had always been wanting to try GRUB.
First heard about it from some of my girlfriends, it's a bit inaccessible.
Lazy bum like me won't go unless someone's driving.
But thankfully, my BFF drove~ so GRUB for dins with my BFF, Grace.
I love Grub, doubtlessly.
1) The ambience of the restaurant is really cosy.
2)The customer service is awesome.
The server saw me having plain fries when he walked passed my table.
He stopped & asked: "Miss, do you want some chilli or ketchup?"
I was really amazed.
Once, I also had an experience at JPOT with the boy.
The server approached me, passed me a small zip lock bag and said: "Hi miss, you can use this to cover or put your phone inside, so the soup won't splash unto your phone."
Isn't it amazing to dine in such places with awesome server?
3) The waiting time for the food is relatively reasonable.
My BFF commented: "wah so fast meh?" HAHA.
4) The food is tasty.
What's a popular, well known restaurant if the food is no good?

Steak with Fries
Chicken Roulade
I always see people taking picture of Churros.
So, I also must order although I'm not a sweet-tooth person. HEHE.
It's nice, but one or two will be just enough for me.
It taste like donuts, my BFF said it taste a lot better compared to others who sells Churros.
It's always good to try new stuff ya?
Okay they don't take reservation.
So be prepared to queue, it was raining that day but still packed.

Address: 510, Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 (Bishan Park 1)
Singapore 569983

Website: www.grub.com.sg
Drop by the website to google your way there!

Aftermath, Chillax with my BFF at Bistro by the Reservoir, WAWAWA.
It's one stop away from my house.
Great place to chillax, peaceful for a not so peaceful day :D
My sleepy face.
Photocredit: My BFF

What an awesome catch up.

Life goes on even if it's bad.
Always remember that the Earth doesn't stop spinning for you
just because you're sad.
Smile, heads up, tomorrow will be better.


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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
The ones with me.

Bad office day?
You need awesome people like them.
A simple dinner at Toastbox & chit-chat after some "office politic" warfare with my girls.
I feel blessed with these crazy bitches with me.
Do you have friends? Are they your happy pill?
If not, change, you can be a happy soul.
You definitely deserve better!
Yummy Yum Yum

The boy is back from Japan trip..
And he got me so many yummies and most importantly LIMITED EDITION HELLO KITTY!
I am so loved!
Thank you baby.
Japan Loot!


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Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Ratings & Review: Siloso Beach Resort.

Initially, I was looking forward to the stay-cation.
So I camwhore non-stop. hahaha, I love this new monthly lenses but I have really sensitive eyes.
I got eye infection since Thursday. But vain me, wanna look good on camera.
With this lens, I don't even need to put eyeliner!
Ending the night without lenses because my eyes got so red by late afternoon.
Guess monthly lenses are ain't for me, now I'm back using my daily lenses, no more dolly eyes ):

Okay let's get back on track..Siloso Beach Resort.
By far the WORST stay-cation ever.
Let me list down a few stay-cation experience in Singapore I had before.
- Ascott Raffles
- Swissotel
- Pan Pacific
- Grand Copthorne
- Marina Bay Sands (MBS)
This round for the girlfriend birthday, we got to try stay-cation at Siloso Beach Resort.
It's entrance looks a bit run-down and have limited parking lot.
And first thing the girlfriend said was "wah piang, the picture look better."
Here we go again, pictures VS reality. HAHA!
Service of the reception area is lousy.. we had baby pram but no one open the door for us.
The moment I stepped into the room, I screamed!
The floor is so sandy, the table beside the bed is so dusty.
TOO DIRTY and worst, we have an infant in the room.
Called housekeeping but the person didn't bring a cloth, ended up using up all the tissues and we have to called to request another.
The floor is still sandy even after vacuuming it and we can't even change room, goodness.
Put down our stuff, ready for the swim.. oh my gosh~ the water looks so dirty.
I swam 30 mins and I'm up and rushing for a bath, I couldn't stand it any longer.
Paid 400SGD per night for such stay-cation, no way!
Okay this hotel had been blacklisted.

Overall, a gathering with the girlfriends is always awesome.

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Monday, April 21, 2014
Review: Taste Paradise Dim Sum

My high tea was at Taste Paradise, Ion Orchard during the weekends.
Because the girlfriends is craving for it.
She's been telling me how awesome are those Liu Sha Bao & Xiao Long Bao.
So I had it with girlfriend, first try.
Quite nice but I somehow miss the colourful Xiao Long Bao which I tried months ago which is just few doors away, Paradise Dynasty.
Okay, I gave in..
Quite nice.
I don't eat Liu Sha Bao because I don't eat salted eggs.
And the Xiao Long Bao is quite big, more like Da long bao! LOL
We ordered some other things alongside and as usually, we can't finish it, so ta bao.
Overall, the food and service is not bad, 9/10.

A nice dining place to bring parents or grandparents over the weekends.
Total bill is about 50+ SGD.
Reasonable price.
Remember to make reservations because it's quite packed.

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Saturday, April 19, 2014
Sentosa Day!

I didn't plastic my face although I look alittle here?
Selfie of the day!
Heading to RWS for girlfriend birthday..  will update when I'm back!


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Thursday, April 17, 2014
Review: Superstar K Korean BBQ

3 weeks ago, I blogged about my review on 2D 1N Korean BBQ.
Back then, I thought I found the best Korean BBQ in the whole of my life, and I'm so going to stick to it.
Not long until my Big C sissy brought me to Superstar K, I changed my mind. LOL!

Why is Superstar K better? (To me.)

1) The server will cook for you.

(I don't know how to cook.)

2) If you were to cook yourself, probably you won't know how readily-cooked is the meat.
That's why the boy actually had diarrhoea that other day, because he cooked it. (Just a guess.)

3) I, personally prefer "table-service" style to buffet style.
(That's how I grew up, the family doesn't enjoy dining buffet style.)

4) The environment is more decent to dine in.
(I hate cooking smell but Superstar K doesn't really smell that bad.)

They set up the table for our feast.
Let it burn, let it burn, let it burn~

Here comes the JUICY. YUMMY. FAT MEAT!

Best of the best..you don't have to cook, but you just need to eat!
They cook for us! (I don't trust my own cooking.)

I was never a veggie eater, but because of these juicy meat..
I finished up all my veggies!
So healthy all of the sudden.. HEHEHE!

This is another awesome yummy that you guys MUST TRY!
STEAM EGG~  beyond words.

Anyway, you guys can try both and make comparison yourself.
2D 1N: est. $40+ for 2 person.
Superstar K: est. $80+ 3 person. (paying for the service)
All the above are my personal review on Korean BBQ.

Address: 75 Tanjong Pagar Road
Phone: 62240504 

Closed: Mon


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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I had a relatively "healthy" weekends, somehow.
Saturday, Electric Run and Sunday, Kite-flying with my cell group members.
It's a last minute decision, since I hardly had time to hang out with my cell group peeps.
I really must try to at least set some time aside whenever I can :D
This is the first time I fly a kite. (my kite really flew away)
My first time going to Marina Barrage by public transport.
My first time passing by Gardens by the bay.(touch, selfie & go)
Okay very much like mountain turtle! HAHA!
I had real fun with the peeps, hehehe, little did I know that I will enjoy such outdoor event.
But please, the Sun really need to maintain a bit.
It's way too hot out there.

Decided to collage the pictures so as to save space!
Too many pictures & Thanks Joey, the photography of the day.
Marina Barrage, a good place to spend your Sunday with your love ones.
Camwhore 1

Camwhore 2
Group Selfies
Kite-flying shots

Feel free to intro me some nice chillax place, I will like to try new stuff.
Hope you had a great weekends like I do.

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Monday, April 14, 2014
Electric Run 2014

"Never let anyone dim your glow."
Electric Run 2014, it's the first time I take part in such events.
Together with the boy homies, anyway it's a walkathon for us.
I had fun but the weather is really hot >.<

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Thursday, April 10, 2014
Gestures of love.

These famous Luxemburgerli's macrons took 11 hour 35 mins flight from Zurich.
She see people queuing, she joined in the queue.
Totally not knowing that she's buying some famous macrons! LOL.
I'm never a sweet tooth, I don't eat cakes, ice cream, cookies, biscuit & macrons!
Yes, I think I'm not a girl.. hahahaha!
Macrons in Singapore are too sweet for me.
But somehow, I trust my Big C jiejie, Christy.
Just a month or two ago, she got pineapple tarts from Taiwan.
I hate pineapple tarts, after one try, I spammed the rest hahahaha!
So, I did the same and gave the macrons a try.. to my surprise, it's awesome!
Even my Mommy, the picky foodie (I inherit from her) requested for 2nd piece!

This is Lychee Champagne, sort of sparkling wine also from Zurich.
I'm not a drinker although I party.
Yes, I love Moet with apple juice but I hardly touch alcohol.
Christy also doesn't drink.
We are usually the coke drinkers in parties, but she said she love this,
I've yet to try though, again.. I trust her so I'm gonna try soon.
Have been really busy and didn't spend much time at home.
Gonna share it with the boy over the weekends (:

Last but not least, Hello Kitty Perfume set!
I kept it in my hello kitty display corner because I can't bare to open this cutie up :D
She saw it. she finds it too cute not to buy, she whatsapp me & said she's buying.
Yes, that's my crazy Big C, Christy.
She's like my blood related sister.
She's my Santa, she always buy things for Chevy & I wherever she fly to.
She knows me well.
I am thankful for this friendship.
Thank you for your gesture of love always, my Big c jiejie!

My language of love is quality time & giving of gifts.
They help remind me that I'm loved by people around me.
What about you?
Show your gesture of love today.
Love never fails.


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