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Xue er

Been blogging since 2005.
I have a TUMBLR page, where I reblog stuff.
I believe in dressing fashionably.
Oh and I have a "disease", I only wear new clothes on Saturday, don't ask me why, when you're sick, you are.
Don't underestimate my camwhore skills,I have AT LEAST one selfie per week.
Let's love life & live well.
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014
Nuffnang vs. Cbox

If you guys realise I had removed my cbox & placed Nuffnang Ads instead.
I dislike having my cbox spammed with some other, unknown languages or haters message.
Yes I know, if you have haters means you're popular or whatever.
I don't believe in such, I just wanna blog & I wanna blog as "peacefully" as possible.
Below each of my every post, there's "comment" if you have comment, feel free to click on it.
Save the space for better use now.
Help me to click on the Nuffnang Ads in the Nuffnang corner on the left and help support!
Appreciated much! :D
You never know maybe that thing might be just what you needed! ;)

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Monday, May 26, 2014
The Connoisseur Concerto (TCC)

Finally had some time to meet up with my Deariie & Bestie.
It's been so long because we are all busy people.
We had TCC for dinner at Wisma Branch.
I love dining in TCC, it's cosy & the food are quite nice.
I don't really know how to differentiate between super yummy.
To me its either awful or edible when its edible I feel that it's yummy!
All pasta, as long as it doesn't taste awful, it is yummy? HAHA.

Try TCC's pasta, they are quite good at it (:

I was the only one who had beef.
The two of them can't take beef.
So they just leave a mini portion of their food at the corner of my plate for me to try.
Why so pathetic? HAHAHA TSK!
They don't get to try mine too.
I can't live without beef.
Theirs taste good also.
Love the quality time spent.


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Saturday, May 24, 2014
Ready for Church ;)

Look of the day.

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Friday, May 23, 2014
Dining Experience - Antoinette (Palais Renaissance)

This post is "Throwback Big C's Birthday (Part 2)" and
also review on Antoinette (Palais Renaissance).
Antoinette was one of the most blogged/ instagram-ed dining place/ talk-about.
Reviews after reviews.
The website stated: "Reservations: Highly recommended, 1 week in advance."
Wow~ I thought to myself, is it really that packed?
Since it's Big C's Birthday, we shall dine in pretty restaurants & so we tried Antoinette.
I called in for reservation of table, there's only one contact number provided on the website.
Talk for 3 minutes to find out that that's for Penhas Road outlet.
But I wanna booked Palais Renaissance outlet, the server gave me another number, asked me to call myself and I did.

The place is really pretty. I love this elegant, classy & lavishing-looking restaurant.
It's like dining in the backyard of big houses in America.

Okay, one issue here.. IT'S VERY EMPTY.
Probably just 2 tables were occupied.
I doubt the servers are local and they seems to happily chatting at the cashier area.
At the direction I'm seated, they will not see me if I need assistance.
That very much explained why Antoinette seems to be losing it.

Let's talk about the food.
Country Style Mushroom Soup

Boeuf Bourguignon (Burgundy style red wine braised beef)

Savory Crepe

Pan-Fried Foie Gras

Look nice isn't it? Sad to say.. Only Mushroom Soup is nice.
Look at my face when I drank it~ HAHAHA (unglam shot by my big c).

Ready to stuff the food into us~

It's my first time eating Foie Gras, Big C said: "either you like or hate it".
I'm fine with the taste just that maybe the Antoinette ones is not as good as other restaurants?
My beef, first mouth.. it taste quite unique.
But subsequently, I'm getting sick of the sauce and all.
Okay, maybe it's just not my kind of food.
The crepe is not bad though. I guess if I were to go there ever again, I will have the crepe.

Ambience: 9.5/10
Service: 7/10
Food: 6/10
Price: Expensive. haha but it's once again Big C's treat.
Thank You for always feeding us. 

My C's sissy - Christy. Chevy. Christine 

It's quite sad to see how some eatery places started off very well, reached the peak and starting to fall.
Whenever someone, bloggers/ television show/ word-of-mouth introduce nice food or awesome food.
The quality of the food will have drastic changes.
For example: "Bedok 85 Bak chor mee", it was once labelled as "best bak chor mee in Bedok".
Look at it now, the serving becomes smaller.
The soup becomes more bland and etc.
No quality. Standard Dropped.
If I can have heavenly food, I don't mind waiting.
What about you?


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Thursday, May 22, 2014
Throwback Big C's Birthday (Part 1) - Equarius Hotel

Secretly planned with Ray (Big C's bf) to surprise my Big C jiejie for her birthday at Equarius Hotel.
It's especially quiet for a PH eve, we hardly see anyone besides the cliques.
We took the keys, went up to get everything ready.

The room & bathroom is very big, but it's a room for handicapped.
I don't understand why should you pay big bucks but yet given a room that's not enjoyable.
I will never allow this to happen to me, but the couple don't mind at all so yupp.
At the balcony, we prepared the cakes & candles.
We knew they were reaching the door, however.. 5 mins passed.
Something must went wrong.
Ray texted us, saying someone locked the door.
 Yes, major win~ JM double-locked the room door from the inside. HAHA!
Big C got to go to the reception and receptionist told her: "you have friends who took the keys earlier on."
But Big C's didn't expect for Chevy & I because we already planned a dinner date next day.
So the plans is 1/2 successful? HEHE.

I didn't stayed too long as I have a double date with the boy & my lover.
So off I went to catch a movie.
Can't review much on the hotel.


There comes a point in your life when you realize who really matters, who never did, and who always will.
- Unknown

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Taipei' 2014 Day 5- Till the next time.

It's the last post for my Taiwan trip, gonna sum it up with the last day.
The last day in Taipei.
Till then, I'll see you next year.
Thankful the flight is at 3:30PM.
I can do some more shopping with whatever money we've left!
Woke up early for shopping before Uncle Xu pick us up to the airport.
Look of the day!

First few days of the trip, the weather were relatively good with just short drizzling.
But last day was really scorching hot day but still cooler than Singapore!
We had KFC for breakfast because it's air-conditioned.
The KFC is damn awesome & yummy!
The chickens are bigger compared to Singapore KFC.
They have more variety, their original flavor chicken come in crispy & non-crispy skin.
It's only TWD 390 = SGD 16.50 for whatever you see below. 
(PS: I didn't take photo of our drink it's 2 medium size coke).
Gloves, Forks & Knifes

"Paper-wrapped" Chicken
The heavenly-taste sauce

Chickens-in-all-form in a basket

 Went to have our last shopping in XiMenDing.
I bought Samsung original Pink Smartcover for TWD 300, even cheaper than my KFC!
I've been seeing it at night market, they usually sell for TWD 1000 & above.
I was really lucky to find such deal in the hottest street of Taipei.
Finally we digested probably just about 30% of our food..
we went to "eat ice" because the weather is such a killer.

Mango Ice with Mango Ice cream

Soya beancurd in peanut soup with pearls

Last we-fie before we leave.
Uncle Xu came early to pick us up to the airport.
Airport transfer - TWD 900
Read previous post to get this great deal when you contact Uncle Xu using my name (:
95% of these are mine :x

I really love Taipei, even though I feel that I didn't get to shop much this round.
Usually, I have a luggage & a hand carry full of clothes.
But at least I gets to go on holiday, out of this stressful Singapore.
Next stop is BKK in the planning!
I decided to give BKK a chance after my first & last visit 6 years ago.
Hopefully, there's more clothes with sizes to choose from because I can't wear free-sized clothes.


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Tuesday, May 20, 2014
Taipei' 2014 Day 4

Last day of shopping!
Went to SOGO at ZhongXiao FuXing Station to get my favorite pineapple shortcakes.

Jiu Zhen Nan

Ever since Big C jiejie bought this for me during her Taiwan flight, I fall in love with it.
I dislike pineapple shortcake/tart.
But this is really good! (maybe because it's not overly-sweet)
I google about it and went all the way just to get it.

Sogo Dept Store (Zhongxia)
Tel: +886-2-77112959
106 Taipei City Da’an Dist. B2F., No.45, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Taiwan
Sunday - Thursday : 9:00~21:30
Friday - Saturday : 9:00~22:00
(Nearest MRT: Zhongxiao Fuxing Exit 4)
PS: They have 2 Sogo in ZhongXiao Fuxing station, make sure you go the correct one. (:
1 box (12pcs) - TWD 400/450 (cannot really remember :x)

From Sogo, we slowly stroll into the linked Underground mall of ZhongXiao Fuxing Station.
Passed by a massage place, had a cheap massage.
TWD 200/300 for Head + Shoulder + Upper leg.
The boy & I did not realize that those masseurs were blind.
Mine was chatting with me and the first thing he commented was: "wah you're so skinny, all bones."
We only realized they were blind when my masseur offered to get me a glass of water but yet he couldn't reach the water dispenser properly and the boy helped him out.
I'm so touched because only my masseur gets me water, the boy's masseur didn't.
Don't be misleaded, I'm touched because he went an extra mile for me despite of his disability.
I didn't take note of the name of it but if you're there please keep a lookout and support! (:

Time's up we can set off to Shilin Night Market to shop & eat!
The boy said die die must eat try this beef~ TWD 130!
It's really tasty, filling and very cheap.
(PS: Same lane as 豪大大鸡排)

Well presented cutlery
Beef with Pasta

 And This.. I will never forget!

The owner was warning his customer how powerful is his chilli.
I told the boy to order non-spicy, he ordered "a little bit of chilli".
Never belittle that 2 drops of chilli!!!
We literally teared & drank up a glass of ice jelly within a min!
If you think you can take spicy, you have to try this~ I couldn't feel my mouth.

After this the boy went to get the super-well-known-smelly-tofu.
I nearly died.
It's a saturday so basically all the well-known food you need to prepare to queue.
We cabbed back to the hotel & start packing after..
We managed to packed everything into the luggage and get ready for next day's departure.


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Monday, May 19, 2014
Taipei' 2014 Day 3

Here's a continuation of  my Taiwan Trip, Day 3.
Decided to just sleep in till 11 plus 12.
Have our first meal at Toilet Restaurant.
Some people dislike the food but I find them quite nice.. hahaha.
I go there every year, every trip.
Cooling weather eat hot pot is super shiok.

But first, let us take a selfie. (PS: my sleepy boy)

Coke in urinal designed glass.

Signature Pot with Beef. (The boy's)

Kimchi Hotpot with Beef. (mine)

Set off to Taipei 101 to meet my Taiwanese friend because I need to get my facial product.
While waiting for Ying Ting, the boy & I went into "Toyworld".
The boy pointed out to me: "Hello Kitty leh.."
It's Hello Kitty Lego with ROUNDED kitty face.
As some of you may know that Nanoblock Kitty's are flat-faced kitty.

The kind that I gotten is from Korea, Oxford Lego.
I took 1.5 hours to build this, flower cart.
I'll blog about this next time.

I got 3 boxes, Flower Cart, Garden & Pension.
Spent TWD 3000 but I really love it. (1SGD= 23.65 TWD)
Happy me!

Today I spent alot of money.
My facial product is SGD 1000 for the whole bulk.
Anyway, I'm using Envie De Enuf, it's super expensive in Singapore.
One bottle of C60 is already SGD 290.
My BFF & I shared a package, SGD 500 each.
Every year, I will go back and restock my stuff, it's been 3-4 years already and the product is still so awesome.
We've got:-
- 2 bottles of C60.
- 2 bottles of Silk Essence.
- 2 boxes of Vitamin C powder
- 4 Toners
- 4 Facial wash Mousse
- 30 Facial mask
- 20 Ampoules
I can have it delivered to my hotel straight so I can continue to shop in Danshui.

Before setting off to Danshui.
We had Ding Tai Fung (Taipei 101).
It's nicer in Taiwan.
The boy rather eats his game.

Xiao Long Bao

Fried Rice with egg & prawn.

We were still full from our brunch earlier on, but we know we must at least eat Ding Tai Fung in Taiwan.
So we ordered little & shared.
After stuffing ourselves with 2nd round, we set off to Danshui..needed some digesting therapy..
Too lazy to go lover bridge.
So we just stroll about in the street.
Bought 4 pairs of Birkenstock.
It's right beside NARAYA and it's definitely cheaper than Singapore.
Went back to the hotel to rest awhile.
Washed up & time to party.
It's just a so-so party night.
These very much sum up our 3rd day. (:

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Friday, May 16, 2014
Taipei' 2014 Day 2 - Tourist style

I named this post as "Tourist Style" because on this 2nd Day of my trip..
We booked Uncle Xu's cab for 8 hours for TWD 3300. TWD 300 is meant for road tax.
He's so nice that he even bought fruits for the boy & I
It's pretty worth it, if you go in 4 persons group.

From Shi Fen - Jiu Fen - Gold Mine - Waterfall - Wu Fen Pu Night Market.
(PS: you can tell him where you wanna go and he will plan a good route on the way & bring you around.)
Read on.. I will tell you how to contact him & get discount!

Shi Fen is the place where you can put Sky Lantern (天灯).
Write your wish & send it up to whomever above.
It's only about TWD 100-200 depends on colour.
I sent mine to Jesus HAHAHA!

At Jiu Fen is more of eating and buying goodies back for office.
And special tea for my darling, only available at Jiu Fen
I don't drink tea, so I won't introduce much on that.
It's a famous-healthy-tea which cost 3 boxes TWD 3000.
It's cheaper if you by 3 boxes at once.
1 box is about SGD42+
It's called "台灣之寶"

Moving on to eating..
The boy & I doesn't eat Yam but we eat this.
Yam without the disgusting texture, if you know what I meant?
So don't blacklist it the moment you know it's Yam, give it a try (:
Famous Taro Ball - Alot of "imitation, make sure you have the correct ones.

The boy love mushroom.
No mushroom can escape from his claws.
So we found this, quite yummy!

After Jiu Fen, walked back to find Uncle Xu and he start to drive us around.
Totally love what he planned.
He brought us to a place where we can touch gold.
No entrance fee.
Right near the entrance, they have an interesting Japanese house.
It was built since 1940s, right there, destroyed & revamp all over again.
It's called "Four-joined Japanese Style Residence"
I love History, it kinda runs in the blood of my family.
It has 4 houses joined together.
The houses are built & designed according to the ranking of the soldiers.

 Okay gold touching time~
These is how gold was first found in Taiwan.
It worth TWD 27,691,700  = SGD 654,908,705
Weight: 257 gram.
I can't even push it.
Photos are limited because after us, there came a China women and her Taiwanese Husband.
They keep taking picture and created a queue right behind.
Inconsiderate much, as you can see from above, you're suppose to only put one hand in..
The women put two. $.$
HAHA don't understand. 

Okay moving on.. next stop is a Waterfall.
Oh yes~ that's Uncle Xu.

Finally back in Taipei City.
Shopping Time at Wufenpu.
Didn't get much stuff.
We were famished and decided to have 胡须张 (鬍鬚張 Formosa Chang ) for dins.
Famous for Minced pork rice (卤肉饭).
Nearest Station: Hou Shan Pi.
I don't fancy Minced pork rice (卤肉饭) but the boy love it.
I had curry rice, yummy!

Side dishes.

Main course.

Now is the discount sharing time!
Uncle Xu was introduced by my gf, Ansley.
Hence, I got discount & free fruits.
Usual price if you booked a cab for 8 hours its TWD 4000 and above, exclude standard road tax TWD 300.
But Uncle Xu offer me TWD 3300 (incl. road tax) + Free fresh fruits.
Now.. it's your turn!
Call Xu Shu Shu and tell hi, you're "Qiu xue's " friend and remind him to give you free fruits!
if you're going Taiwan, I believe no matter which part you're going.. he can help you!


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