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Xue er

Been blogging since 2005.
I have a TUMBLR page, where I reblog stuff.
I believe in dressing fashionably.
Oh and I have a "disease", I only wear new clothes on Saturday, don't ask me why, when you're sick, you are.
Don't underestimate my camwhore skills,I have AT LEAST one selfie per week.
Let's love life & live well.
Feel free click "comment" to comment anything at the end of each post.


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Tuesday, June 24, 2014
You're drive me crazy.

Weather hasn't been benefitting me in any ways recently.
It's hot, hot and still very hot everyday!
Just by sitting on the couch, packing my bag and I'm sweating like mad.
I'm someone who hardly sweat.
I can go for a 3-click jogging at the reservoir without sweating much.
But these days, my tops are drenched!
Nowadays, I've been telling my colleagues to "SAVE MY WORLD".
My deepest impression about this song is when the ice cream melted within seconds. LOL!

I remember my primary one teacher sharing with my class back then in 1996 that our ozone layer is depleting.
And people will start to feel hotter and hotter.
OMG~ it's really happening!
Let's save on plastic bags!
I am so going to start going shopping with the shopping bags which I'd gotten from Cotton On last weekend.
hahaha.. because I really cannot tahan already.
Simply not loving the weather.

I know that with just myself & I, can't make much difference.
So friends, let's do it together.. if you wanna live longer!
I really cannot imagine myself saying or talking about this today..
as I'm probably the most laziest person ever in this entire human race hahaha! (guilty much)
But I'm gonna try to do my part now!
This idea can sound kinda stupid as it might be too late and etc.
However, at least you will feel good by contributing something to save our world?
Okay lah.. I'm only here to rant about how hot is this weather and how it's affecting my body.
I'm getting sick now. ):

Dear All..Please drink more water & sleep earlier.

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Saturday, June 21, 2014
Changi Village with Family

It's 8am I got digged out from my bed.
Here I am now in Changi village with Daddy, Mommy & my elder sister.
These are what we ordered.
Because I'm here.. that's why they ordered more fried food than rice or noodle.
I'm soooooo fullllllllllll!
Okay, don't eat the beehoon.
They said it's awful.
Try the carrot cake is quite unique and different from others.
The wu xiang, can't be compared to my Geylang Prawn Mee's 
The rojak is awesome and I finished half of it!
Happy Saturday Peeps!

xoxo 💗

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Friday, June 20, 2014
Reviews: BellaBox June' 2014

I'm a subscriber of Bellabox for 4-5 months already.
I particularly adore this June box!

Some of the months, upon receiving my Bellabox, I would feel that I'm wasting money because the product of that month wasn't fascinating at all.
But some other months, the products are really awesome.
I don't really dare to use facial product because I have really sensitive skin.
But those make-up such as lip gloss, mascara and etc comes in handy!
My sister actually scolded me for wasting money because these are all samples, you shouldn't even be paying for samples isn't it?
But some of the product are not packed in those stingy-tiny-small size packaging. 
So I shall continue to subscribe.
My thinking is that.. well.. at least I try before I really buy it and regret later?!
For this particular box, I've tried the Fresh SUGAR LIP TREATMENT.
It has a nice berry small, leaves your lips wet and gives off a shiny lips look.
Love it!
I've also tried the new perfume by ANNA SUI.
Ohh, I'm super particular on my choice of perfume and surprisingly, this is good too!
I'm so going to get the big bottle.
It makes me smell so sweet. hahaha!

Subscribe now: http://bellabox.sg/
It's only $19.95 to per month!

I just wanna look alittle more prettier. Dunch you?

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Advertisement: Letting go my Samsung MV800 (Red)

Hey Friends,

I'm letting go of my favorite reddy Samsung camera, MV800 for a new camera. It is damn good for selfie.
It's in 9.5/10, good condition, just one scratch marks on one corner. Comes with full original package.
I'm even selling it on Gumtree.This is my very first time selling stuff online, I really wonder will someone actually buy HAHA! 
But please support okay, it is really a fun camera to take selfie with and the color is very rare to find in Singapore.

Am selling it at only SGD250, price is negotiable, but please be reasonable. I just think that I don't have to keep 2 cameras. Since am already going to buy a new one, I should sell my reddy away although I really love it alot! ):
Please help me recommend and ask around.
I can do meet up/ delivery for serious buyer only.

Email me to ask more: qiuxues@gmail.com


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Tuesday, June 17, 2014
A little daydreams..

I think my job does allow me to daydream alittle. Been looking through the blogs & instagrams of those pretty girls these days.
It's a trend for smaller face now? HAHAHA. You know? The Korean's Template.
People are going for fillers or plastic surgery nowadays. I'm not here to say it's wrong or whatsoever but rather I feel that if it can help you to look better..why not?
Will the world be a better place if everyone feels good about themselves and are happy?
And if you're reading up till this point and you feel that my thinking is disgusting.. feel free to click the cross to exit. Don't go around looking ugly and "blaming" others for looking better than you, just because they went that extra miles which you can't accept.
Every guy likes pretty stuff, yes. FACE IT. Don't lie to no one.
Every girl or at least myself.. wishing my face were smaller, lips pout-er, brows prettier, skin fairer, balanced double eyelids and the list goes on and on.
If you realised.. pretty people tends to have more confident in the things they do, they are usually spotted at the "frontline" e.g any form of social-media platform (famous bloggers).
Of course, not all bloggers are pretty but at least maybe their photoshop skills are really good. It's still a kind of skill that not everyone can have. Like me, I know nuts about how to use Adobe Photoshop!
Whereas on the opposite side, people who look less good-looking might somehow feel inadequate (at least at one point of their life). They are usually the "backstage warriors", hiding behind the scenes, the unsung heroes.
Who don't wish to be prettier? I do, I really do.
I'm alittle crazy here and how I wish maybe one day I'll have the courage to go under needles/knifes just to look good. Because I know if I'm pretty, I am definitely happier. Be it fake or natural. This world is superficial, you & I should know by now. Of course with a prettier face it comes with the good side & bad side.
Fames & recognitions or even attentions comes along and more haters definitely, It's a package. hahaha!
My advice is.. if it is something that can helps your soul to be happy.. just do it. Because what others think of you are not as important as how you think and feel about yourself.
Stop making your life miserable and drag others along with you. More accepting gestures can make this world a better place.
Don't judge me okay?
It's just a little daydream of mine here.Needed more moolah! LOL.

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Monday, June 16, 2014
Review: Backstage Cafe

Last Friday, I went out to meet one of my product line supplier.
They were located around Kallang Way.
Jasmine & I chance upon this cafe as we drove passed.

We were too early for our next appointment, so we decided to drop by for a chillax.

The ambience of the cafe is awesome.
The very moment we stepped in, we: "Wahhhhhhhhhhh".

It's such a suitable place to chillax after a long day at work~!
Initially, we only wanted to have a drink but we ended up eating as we couldn't resist the temptation of those food pictures on the menu!

We have egg bens~

The one with Salmon cost $15
The one without cost $12
Rather reasonable.
Had a well-spent time with Jasmine.
I shall not forget to mention.. the food is nice!
The egg bens are great.
I have a habit of not eating the bread always.
But this bread is superb, it taste so good that I finished it all.
I am so going to drop by again to try other stuff.
Friendly service & parking is complimentary.So much plus points!
Its definitely a GOLD in the midst of some ulu industrial area in Singapore~

Backstage Cafe
158 Kallang Way 349245
6743 6893
Opening Hours: 10:00 am – 9:00 pm

Wait for me, I'll be there again.

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Monday, June 9, 2014
Weekends - 家乡 & my ootd.

Love my ootd that day.
89 Top from Taipei Shilin Night Market
Jeggings from Hong Kong Argyle Centre
Spikey wedged boots from Taipei XiMenDing

Everyone thinks I looked different in this.
Usually I wear dress to church but this time round, something different.
Some commented I look younger..hehehe.
Granny asked why is my top so short? LOL!
PS: I know it's not very clear as it's taken by note 3.

Dinner at 家乡, Marina Square.
First time trying it because the boy was craving for Wanton Mee.
I got myself Curry Noodles.
To my surprised it's quite yummy!
Too bad the wanton mee isn't what the boy wanted.
He wanted those with ketchup kind, if you know which I meant.
Nevertheless, we make do with what we have.

My weekends was awesome with my cousins & their kids driving in from Malaysia.
As they wanted to collect Mi3 phone from me.
On Sunday, I had a farewell party with my cell group.
Weekends is so short.
I need more time with the boy.
Time flies, so little time so much things to do.


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Friday, June 6, 2014
CHARMERIZE.COM- Best Deal for Pandora charms.

Is my Pandora pretty?
I finally added 2 pink beads to my super-silverish-looking bracelet!!!
Before these, my bracelet look really colorless although I have many charms.
If you're looking for CHEAP & AUTHENTIC Pandora charm..
Drop by http://www.charmerize.com/ for the best deal today!
They are selling charms at a reasonable price, most importantly it's 101% Authentic!
I bought a few of my Pandora charms through CHARMERIZE.
The rest of the charm are from the boy or my friends.
Do your math..
Save around 10 bucks for a charm compared to retail price.
 If you buy 10 charms, you probably saved around 100 bucks,  which can allow you to get 1 more charms.
So.. WHY NOT?!
I don't have any further discount code for you guys like Naomi's blog.
Neither am I paid to advertised this although the owner is my personal friend.
And nope, I wasn't sponsored with any free charm to post this.
I bought from them. I'm happy. So I'm here, blogging.
I just wanna share this lobang with all the Pandora's addicts out there!
It's really a steal!

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014
Review: "MAKE THIS OUT" - Bernice (MUA)

Hello guys, I'm back here today to review my Makeup Artist (MUA) for my brother's wedding last Saturday.
I was searching for a skillful MUA on my facebook.
So thankful for so that many helpful friends who referred me to different MUA.
 I finally chose the one I wanted.
I chose "MAKE THIS OUT" - Bernice, referred by AJ.
Bernice is really a nice and a very sweet-looking girl.

There's a few point I looked into when I'm looking for a MUA.
1. She must have nice makeup on her. 
(How can you trust someone who never even apply makeup on their own face?)
2. She must be average looking/pretty.
(If you're looking for someone to "beautify" you, you better find a beautiful person.)
3. Reasonable Price.
4. Experience.
(Bernice is consistently engaged with model shoots, doing makeup for Esther Leong and etc.)
5. Smooth Transaction.
6. On Time.
7. Listens to your opinion.

I wanna talk more about point no. 5 stated above.
I was looking for 2 MUA because one for my two sisters and another for my mummy & I as we only have 3 hours.
Bernice immediately suggested to offer me 2 MUA, herself & her helper.
I don't have to find another MUA after confirming that I'm gonna engaged her, save a lot of my time.
The price is really reasonable for her experience & skill. 
I found 100 bucks & above, they don't look convincing.. HAHA! (trust me, I did my research.)
So many uncertainties for finding MUA online because you don't know the person.
But for Bernice, she have a official website and blog: www.makethisout.com.
She provide formal invoice, black & white stated clearly the service & transaction.
Very professional.
You can easily find many MUA online but how many can have this standard?
Service standard was what I was looking for and I'm very happy that I found Bernice.
Mummy, two of my sisters & I hardly wears such thick make up, so we were all not used to it.
Bernice is very willing to listen to our opinion & changed accordingly for us.
The whole night, relatives only hear compliments after compliments for us.
PS: A lot of my relative said I look like my mummy, what do you think? (:
(Mummy, elder sis, 2nd sis & me)

The boy & I.

Thank you for making us look good on that day!
Dress: Daniel Yam
Makeup Artist: Bernice from Make this out.
Engage Bernice for your special occassion NOW!


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Sunday, June 1, 2014

It's my elder brother wedding tonight.
Been really busy.
I'll talk more about it soon.
Here's the ootn by Daniel Yam.
Make-up & hairdo by Bernice.
Thank You so much for making me look great for the night! 

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