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Thursday, October 16, 2014

It was truly an honor to be invited to the Ronald McDonald House Charities® Singapore (RMHC) dinner which was held at McDonalds (Suntec City) last night. It's a blogger event hosted through OMY SG and it was also my first time attending a blogger event where bloggers could interact with one another, I made friends there! Such a wonderful experience. I went there alone, was a little confused of how everything's going to be like, I literally over think hahaha! In my past 25 years journey on this earth living in Singapore, from the day I started to really understand the earthlings language.. I HAD NEVER HEARD ABOUT RMHC although I'm a fan of Mcdonalds (food)! Last night's dinner allowed me to know the existence of this charity organization and what is it all about and I am truly committed to pass my "knowledge" about RMHC and ask you guys to JOIN ME in this charity event. First, let me share some moments with you.

I was welcomed by a note of love, with my name printed on it.

I had contributed.. What about you?

My cute socks~ GET YOURS NOW!

I was fat.. oops I meant, FED!

A detailed talk about #RMHC was given.

Sharing how through RMHC, Miracle had been blessed.
Here's a short story of the little girl in the above picture: Her name is Miracle, simply because she's one. She was born premature and had to be hospitalized for 7 months. During her hospitalization, her parents was housed in RMHC located in NUH. RMHC cater to both parents and child during tough times like this. They don't have to travel to & fro from home between home & hospital. Children also will naturally feel more safe with their parents around when they are sick, especially what's more if they are going through all the pain. We all know how expensive are hospital bills in Singapore.

Here's a video of the cute packaging (Pardon my violent-ness~ hehe.)


It is an independently administered charity incepted in 1989 on a simple mission which is to directly improve the health and well-being of children in Singapore. In January 2013, the charity started a Ronald McDonald House™ (RMH) with the support of National University Hospital, Singapore (NUH) Paediatric Department to provide a "home-away-from-home" for families to stay close to their hospitalised child.

WHAT had RMHC installed for you and I on it's 40th Anniversary?

1. Make a Donation, Put on the socks & Show Your Stripes 

Starting from 15 October - 28 October, you can make a donation to the charity by purchasing a pair of red and white striped socks via Groupon (CLICK HERE!). Price is at $10, $20 or $50

** In appreciation of each purchase, McDonald’s has included a free Strawberry Sundae treat that can be redeemed at any McDonald’s restaurant in Singapore.**

2. Share Your Stripes and raise awareness through #forRMHC and #RMHCSG 

Help spread the word by dressing in red and white stripes, donning on the socks, and creating your own red-and-white themed images. Share these images along with your well wishes for these families on Instagram with #forRMHC and #RMHCSG. 

3. Join us on 16 November for McHappy Day 2014 

RMHC’s 40th anniversary celebrations will culminate on McDonald’s annual McHappy Day, on 16 November 2014. McHappy Day will see some 600 volunteers participating in the McHappy Day Walk and Sale across Singapore, selling the signature red and white striped socks. Volunteers comprise corporate staff and restaurant crew from McDonald’s Singapore and other friends of RMHC Singapore. Families with young children are also welcomed to join in the fun at the #forRMHC Party at Tampines Mall from 1.00pm to 5.00pm. Members of the public can join in on the fun and participate at the various booths that offer balloon sculpting, face painting for children, games and more. Ronald will also make an appearance for photo taking with the children. 


RMHC is located in NUH. Here's how it look like.

The Kitchen

The Living Room

The Bedroom

Here's my heartfelt comment after attending the event last night. I really didn't know the RMHC existence until last night, I am really committed to help now because I know that living in Singapore is not cheap at all. To have all the existing, various Charities organization set up in Singapore is never easy. Just take a look at our monthly expenses on upkeeping our own home. Now, we are talking about housing for someone else who is in need. Bills have to be paid, plants have to be watered, things that spoil over time have to be replace. All these.. need money. So please donate today and help raise awareness for RMHC. You can also volunteer yourself for their upcoming events.
Let's do our part!

All the above information, credit goes to RMHC official.
For more info you can log on to the following website:
RMHC Official: http://rmhc.org.sg/

For media queries, please contact:

Hannah Pichay or          Lim Yue Feng

   DID: 6551 5434                 DID: 6551 5445

HP: 8228 5865              HP: 9741 3793

       Email:  hpichay@golin.com      Email:  ylim@golin.com

Let me put this post to a close with the Omybloggers tribes with stripes!


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