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Xue er

Been blogging since 2005.
I have a TUMBLR page, where I reblog stuff.
I believe in dressing fashionably.
Oh and I have a "disease", I only wear new clothes on Saturday, don't ask me why, when you're sick, you are.
Don't underestimate my camwhore skills,I have AT LEAST one selfie per week.
Let's love life & live well.
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Best Steamboat Ever - HAI DI LAO (海底捞)

Last Sunday, seven of us had dinner at Somerset 313, HAI DI LAO (海底捞)
to celebrate Vennon's Birthday. 
Theboy gave me some heads up about HDL.
I was told I can do my nails, I didn't believe until I saw it.
We were the first to reach at 7.47pm got our queue number while waiting for the rest.

**59 guests ahead of us!**

I'm totally blown away by their awesome customer service.
Yes, you are paying for the service.
Let's talk about this whole dining experience of mine..

1. Manicure room right opposite kids playroom!

- Mummies can do their nails.
- Children can play right opposite manicure room, with HDL's staff supervision.
- Parents can dine peacefully without their children fidgeting around if they leave
them at the playroom. 
(explains the price of dining there perhaps..)
All you have to do is leave your name & contact number with the manicurist.
They'll call you up whether you're eat halfway or not.
Ladies & Kids.. SETTLED.

2. They NEVER allow you to wait in vain!

There's table & chair set up at the waiting area.
They serve you  FREE-FLOW of Fruits & Tidbits.
All the above will definitely distract you from thinking you're hungry!
It also occupied your mind during this long wait.

3. Television right in front of us!

We were really kind of lucky to have tv right in front of us.
 But anyway we were only settled in at 9p.m.
The China guy, 李波, served our table, he's very humble.
I don't know is it just him or all the staff are suppose to provide such awesome service.
Firstly, he offered apron.
Secondly, he offered zip lock bag for mobile phones.
Thirdly, he offered theboy spectacles' cloth, so that he can clean his spects.
(a little extreme lahhh!)
Lastly, he offered me rubber band to tie up my hair!
I'm very amazed.
So amazed that I told Min er that HDL is probably the ONLY place
I could stay around with so many China people around. HAHAHA!
Whether in local or overseas, I seen too many rowdy, rude and dirty China people.

Now we talk about the FOOD.
Chicken soup with Sichuan Spicy Soup

- Fresh
- Wide variety
- Soup is nice
Enough said.

I don't really fancy steamboat because I don't cook.
I'm also very afraid of getting burnt.
Never like the idea of self service and dislike the smell which stays
on your clothings, aftermath.
While I was doing my nails, Min Er helped me took video of the noodle master making noodles!
** Flip, Flip & Flip! **

My nails.. done!

I wasn't attracted to the food, I'm really attracted to their customer service.
Dining there makes me really happy because I love good service.
I felt like a royalty.
They make my wait so worthwhile.
I'm really impatient and I hate to queue but dining in Hai Di Lao was really
different experience for me.
Total bill: $308 +
It's about $44 per pax.
Give it a try!


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Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Poolside party with my Cellgroup

My cellgroup did a farewell party for Sarah at Tanglin View condo just last sunday.
She's heading back to California.
My cellgroup is like international cellgroup, we have people from all over the world.
Mixture of Singapore, Indo, US & Malaysia!
I hardly join them but whenever I can I will always try to be there.

First, 8 of us met up at Tiong Bahru NTUC for some shopping.
my cellgroup has a CHEF.. you will NEVER be hungry when he's around!
So.. meat, checked.
BBQ equipment & necessities, checked.
Sauce for marination, checked. (Super professional)
Checkout and head to the condo.
Fire burning.. Fire burning in the BBQ pit!

Marinated Teriyaki Chicken with Peach. 

Boneless Chicken for the lazies~

Everything nice!

Chicken Sausage

PS: All this photo above were taken by Matthew, as I was busy playing in the pool with Joey! :x

Selfie Stick time!

As usual, we will go one round and tell how much we appreciate her presence and all.
I don't know her well.. but she's always friendly and will always smile
and says "hi" whenever she sees me.
Group photos!
The guys with Sarah.

The girls with Sarah.

** Pardon my bare-face**

Although it was a short hangout with them..
I really appreciate this spiritual family of mine.
Last friday, my close friend's mum was admitted and was sent for brain surgery
due to blood vessel burst in the brain.
Doctor said what she's suffering was fatal, many couldn't even make it to the hospital.
Doctor wasn't sure if she will ever wake.
So I was there in the hospital on Friday and Saturday.
I sent my prayer request to my cellgroup to help pray for my close friend's mum.
She's had been warded in ICU and just yesterday.. Aunty finally comes round!
Jovan even prayed for me personally.
I really thank you for all your prayers!
Because of them, I believed in the power of prayer.


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Monday, August 18, 2014
Pretty Excited!

I have been really cracking my brain for a nice, catchy & yet classy domain name for 2 weeks already!
I want to level up my blog by hiring web designers to help me revamp this page.
Blogging is my interest and I totally enjoy
sharing my experience and life online like an open book.
Now, I'm simply bored of this look of my blog and I'm desperate for a change.
I need something new!
Been asking around my friends for suggestion for my new domain name,
searching for good web designer and also finding good web host.
I might be switching from Blogger to Wordpress simply because
most of the US Webhost actually support Wordpress as compared to Blogger.
Getting a local webhost may not be ideal. Convince me?
But I'm seriously very dependent on Blogger, been blogging on Blogger since 2005.
It's so easy to use as compared to Wordpress however,
seems like circumstances doesn't allow ):
But fret not, I'll re-direct this currently link to the new.
Means even if you use this same link, we can still be directed to my new blog.
All the above mentioned, will only take place if I can get a good domain name
& awesome web designers.
Gimme some time for this change.
Anyone can help me by suggesting some awesome domain name?
Introduce good web designers to me?
I will appreciate it alot!


Leave your comment below if you have. 

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014
Alive Museum Singapore (AMS)

I was one of the selected blogger to visit Alive Museum for FREE by OmySG Blog Club!
I've been pestering the boy and friends to go together for months..
and I'm thankful.. got my chance!
Went over last weekend on Sunday, 10 August 2014, reached there about 11.45am.
The crowd slowly comes in after 12pm.

Thank You Omy Blog Club! #omySG

The boy & I didn't know what to expect.
We've been to the 2 Degree Ice Exhibition during Valentine's Day this year.
We paid like 50-60 bucks, ended up we only spent less than an hour.
This time round, I visited the Alive Museum for FREE and
we spend 2 hours plus in it!
Time just passed very fast.

How to fully enjoy the experience of Alive Museum?

1. Go early so that you won't meet the crowds.
(Weekdays: After 6pm and Weekends: Before 12pm)
I've encounter people hogging on certain areas and you probably have to wait.

2. Double dating is recommended.
You need people to help you take pictures!
The staff are nice, they will help you..
but you don't see staff everywhere.

3. Do not wear WHITE. 
There will be a few art pieces which will require you to pose position such as
lying on the floor and etc.
You won't wanna dirty your clothes although the floor is
not say like very dirty but still. yah.

4. Do not wear skirt.
One of the reason is the same as above another is because there's an enclosed area
where you will be surrounded by many mirror
from ALL direction which I will show in my video later on.

Photo time!
Right at the entrance, I found the first Angel's wing.
(PS: did the same post as Peixuan, she is still the prettiest angel.)

The boy smirking away while cleaning the portrait.

Fatty VS Hottie

Turned back time.

Poodle's wee-wee.

We were super thirsty.

Stairway to Heaven, AMS's version.

Selfie and we-fie because some people hogging the next area for too long!

Do not wear skirt, mirror surrounded enclosed area! (PS: ignore the bag and selfie stick, haha!)

A glimpse of what's inside the enclosed area.
Please watch HD and Sorry for the poor quality, it's taken by iPhone. 

Look into the mirror.

MJ wannabes, failed.

Leave your mark behind.

Smoochies with lipstick-ed spideyman!

I don't know who is this! hahaha!

Kungfu Panda's poopy ice-cream.

Hulk's alike.

Talented as we may be.

Angry Batman.

Not very difficult.

We are flexible.

Run, baby.. Run!

Control or Freefall.

Overaged & overgrown babies.

2nd Angel's wing

Riding on the Humming Bird.

Too many photo and these are just some of it.
So what are you waiting for?
Alive Museum is having promotion now!

To redeem, simply “Like” them on their Facebook and purchase a full-priced ticket.

Meal includes:
Choice of a Fish’N Crisp or Chick’N Crisp burger
1 small fries
1 small coke
Worth $7.85!
Hurry, offer ends 30 September 2014!

Burger King, newly opened at Suntec, is conveniently located
beside Alive Museum Singapore at level 3, between Towers 3 and 4.

*Terms and conditions:
Offer valid from 21 June to 30 September 2014. While stocks last.
Present original Alive Museum Singapore ticket prior to ordering.
Limited to one redemption per adult or child ticket at Burger King Suntec City only.
Not applicable with other promotions, discounts and offers.
Alive Museum Singapore and Burger King reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice.
Other terms and conditions apply.
Photos for illustration purpose only.

Alive Museum Singapore
Suntec City Mall #03-372 (between Towers 3 & 4)
Near to Toy'R'Us
Once again, Thank You.. OMYSG & Alive Museum Singapore(AMS)!

Disclaimer: This post is posted based on real, personal experience. Having a chance to visit Alive Museum for FREE was just a bit of the perks. I really find it worth it and it's an experience for me personally.


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Monday, August 11, 2014
Starting my month right - MBS Staycation

I mentioned in my previous post that I had a staycation at Marina Bay Sands (MBS),
Club room for 3Days2Nights. So I'm going to talk about it today!

Day One: The Surprise!
It's the boys' Birthday on 1st August, I booked the room through Aunty Neo
and planned a surprise party for him.
Got him a present which he would never had expected that I will get.
PS4 with Fifa Bundle + Camera!

Look at his overjoyed face! #happyboy88

In the midst of the planning, there were a few hiccups which cause us some delays on settling down.
As club members, we had access for free food at the club from 2pm-4pm or 5pm-7pm.
Free flow of alcohol and food.
We were in time for the 5pm-7pm slot so we decided to explore The Club at level 57.
Got some bites and I was thinking how to lure the boy out of the hotel,
so that his friends could come over to prepare for the surprise while we're out.
So I told him I wanna go town shopping because I need to buy new dance apparels
for my upcoming dance class.
The boy was probably still overjoyed over his present, he didn't hesitate
and he even paid for my dance apparels! WAHAHAHA! #savemoolah
Trying to drag time and all so that his friends can all be ready when we got back.
The boy had been very suspicious of anything of me.. anyway cut the story short..
The surprise was a success!

Thank you for those who make time to come down to make it happen for the boy.
Most importantly, Thank you the lover, Audrey for helping me to run errand and settle everything for me! 

The birthday boy was very happy!

Ohhh, I brought my selfie stick there and it was super of use!

Day Two: Chillax and Fireworks.
The party ended only at 4am with the friends..get ready for bed at 5am.
Woke up at 9am just to get a taste of the breakfast.
Us against the "ocean" view for breakfast.. Love it!
It's buffet style, the food was just so-so though.
View from Level 57 of The club, Gardens by the bay.


Went back to the room and went back to nap till 2pm!
Rush down to town to get games and extra controller for the PS4.
We have guest coming over again to watch fireworks at 8pm.
Our room has an awesome view.
We could see fireworks, almost close to us!
Anyway, the boy got me an extra controller and games such as my Just Dance 2014!
He spent a good $200 on just two games and one controller.
Slightly completed with games!

Shortly, our friends came over for Fireworks.
A glimpse of the view from our room!
NDP Preview from our room.

After the fireworks, we set up the PS4 in the room and had so much fun!
I simply love Just Dance.
I was very much worn out by 2am.
At 3.15am the boy was hungry and we ordered room service.
Not sure is the food too nice or we were really hungry.. but it really does taste better than whatever food we had these past few days!
Fish & Chip with salad & bread for SGD23.00.

Day 3: Last day ):

Breakfast facing the City.
Everyone's taking selfie in the pool.

Better than the day before.

Went back to our room to do the last packing.
Check out at 12pm and I rushed down to the hospital right after.
Overall, I enjoyed my staycation in MBS.
The service 8/10.
The room 9/10.
The food 7.5/10.
But it is located in a rather accessible place, travelling by train is easy.


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