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Xue er

Been blogging since 2005.
I have a TUMBLR page, where I reblog stuff.
I believe in dressing fashionably.
Oh and I have a "disease", I only wear new clothes on Saturday, don't ask me why, when you're sick, you are.
Don't underestimate my camwhore skills,I have AT LEAST one selfie per week.
Let's love life & live well.
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014
The beginning of a New chapter.

Last week, I attended theboy & my lover's convocation. It was my first time attending convocation, very much like a "sua ku" (mountain turtle). The ceremony was longggggggggggg. The lover was at 21st from the front.. but theboy was 21st from the back as it was sort by their course. It's all about waiting and waiting. Anyway, I really wanna Thank you to Floral Sanctuary's, Steph for delivering the flowers to me. Initially, I told her Fairmount Hotel ballroom, theboys' parents were hungry so we went to Raffles City Shopping Mall for dinner, Steph rushed from a corner to another just for me. Who said guys can't get flowers? I gave my boy a sunflower. :D

It's indeed a new beginning for the both of them. Time to throw certs for better job or increment. But.. thousands graduated with you, it's competitive, may you stay focused. Let the picture do the work now because I have nothing much to talk about as I was the maid of the day hahaha!

You see.. so I was really busy which cause my blog to jammed up a little. I will update as much as I can. I'm currently in the progress of bringing my blogging to a new level. I'm also working on my business proposal. Something is brewing and I need a lot of support from you, you and you. YES.. YOU! The secret shall be reveal soon, stay tune alright?


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