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Monday, September 29, 2014
The closest to home-cooked.

Zi Char is the ever-closest-alike to home-cooked food.
It's a selection of a few dishes with a bowl/plate of rice.
You will have fish, pork/chicken/beef, soup and veggies.

It was for theboys' mummy Birthday dinner and we dine 
at a Kopitiam located at Pasir Ris namely, 446 F&B Pte Ltd.
Auntie chose this place as she said its zi char is famous
but uncle on the other hand was another fussy eater.
He was wondering how nice can a Kopitiam food taste? haha!

Why should I outcast Kopitiam?
Before we started eating, there's a lady, from our nearby table screamed
because a rat/cockroach fell on her legs, out of nowhere.
(some say rat, some say cockroach)
I was dining with both of my legs up on my chair. hahaha
And while we were dining, another big, red ants crawled on theboys' sister hand.
Very much grossed by now.

Nevertheless, I feel that the food is really okay.
The fish soup pot is awesome in its way.
Didn't take picture of the fish soup as I wasn't dining with my own family members.
It will be damn paiseh to snap away, however, I was given some time to snap some other food.

So here's what I've got.
Fried salted egg Crab


Scallop with Broccoli 

Razor Clams with mixed veggies

I'm allergic to Salted eggs but I did get to try the meat itself and
avoided the outer layer.
It's not sweet at all but however, meaty.
Tofuuuuu~ I love tofu.
No matter what kind of cooking style, I simply love tofu.
I love broccoli too, they had it cooked the way I love.
It's soft, made it easy to chew.
Razor clams on the other hand was taste-less.
It is also my favorite but I guess I like it raw.

Sum it all up, it wasn't about me liking the food but its for theboys' family.
Overall the dining experience was 6.5/10.
Bad ratings due to the hygiene of the dining area.
I believe you won't want to dine halfway and have
something creepy hopping unto you?


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