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Tuesday, October 21, 2014
The beginning of a New chapter.

Last week, I attended theboy & my lover's convocation. It was my first time attending convocation, very much like a "sua ku" (mountain turtle). The ceremony was longggggggggggg. The lover was at 21st from the front.. but theboy was 21st from the back as it was sort by their course. It's all about waiting and waiting. Anyway, I really wanna Thank you to Floral Sanctuary's, Steph for delivering the flowers to me. Initially, I told her Fairmount Hotel ballroom, theboys' parents were hungry so we went to Raffles City Shopping Mall for dinner, Steph rushed from a corner to another just for me. Who said guys can't get flowers? I gave my boy a sunflower. :D

It's indeed a new beginning for the both of them. Time to throw certs for better job or increment. But.. thousands graduated with you, it's competitive, may you stay focused. Let the picture do the work now because I have nothing much to talk about as I was the maid of the day hahaha!

You see.. so I was really busy which cause my blog to jammed up a little. I will update as much as I can. I'm currently in the progress of bringing my blogging to a new level. I'm also working on my business proposal. Something is brewing and I need a lot of support from you, you and you. YES.. YOU! The secret shall be reveal soon, stay tune alright?


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Sunday, October 19, 2014
The Funky side of me!

Here's what I'd gotten from BKK.
Everything besides mah Prada.
Hope you love this look!


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Friday, October 17, 2014
HardRock Hotel Staycation - My Birthday Celebration.

  Good Morning Earthlings! Today I'm slightly early here but I know I'm long-winded which will only make this post available in the afternoon by the time I clicked "post"! hahaha. I find myself enjoying and loving staycations. So what are the hotels which I had stayed before here in Singapore? Ascott Raffles, ParkRoyal, Swissotel, Grand Copthorne, M hotel, Marina Bay Sand & many many more. This time round, I get to try HardRock Hotel. I was there since the night of 9th October, throughout the 3D2N, he hardly had time for me because he was there for business purposes. I hosted my own party with thegirlfriends on 10th.. hehehe.

It's a Deluxe Room, very small but better than nothing la huh? It's free by the way. Please pardon my shaky hands and the twisting of angle because the room is too small for me to stretch my hands out all the time throughout the video.

The Wardrobe greets you right after the door.

Followed by The Washroom (Open concept & door-less)

Yea, no bathtub ):

The Room

I have to say, I had never like any hotel located in Sentosa. This is just my personal preference. It's very far and I feel as if I'm grounded on a deserted island for 3D2N, travelling out is such a hassle. Not sure why, the rooms of any hotels in Sentosa which I had stayed before were usually sandy. Girlfriends & I went for swimming, doubtlessly the pools are awesomely beautiful & special in its own way. They have a sandy-beach style swimming pool and normal pool but even those normal pool has sand it in. I just feel uncomfortable swimming in it ): but I understand that the hotels also can't keep clearing the sand in the normal pool or stop people whom swam in the sandy ones from coming to the normal pool. So the best is, I'm not going there again. The flooring for the shower room in the room is rather slippery too, baby Cayto nearly slipped and fall. If you are bringing your kids to stay in HardRock Hotel, please take note of the safety of your child, its cramped inside so if your child happened to slip and fall, they might hit some corner or other item within the small space.

Here's the scenery from our room.

After a swim, we were all famished. We had Imperial Treasure for dinner.
Baby Cayto was even more hungry than us.

The food is average but what matter the most is the company that was with me. These girlfriends were with me since secondary school. We had known each other, inside-out. We still do get angry with each other.. That's life. We get it done and over with very soon. Our birthday is very close to each other so we usually celebrate together. Here's all the Libras beside Yvonne. From the single-havoc-party ladies to the going-to-settle-down-very-soon women. Thank you for arranging the surprise and they know I don't eat cakes so my cake is durian puff! hahaha. Love you all very much. Cheers to our many more years to come!

My birthday doesn't just end here. On my actual day, 11th Oct, after check-out, The smellies couple came to pick us up from HardRock Hotel and sent us home, its really damn sweet of them! Appreciate it alot smellies! Had a quick nap, head to town to choose my present. I couldn't decide between Lambskin or Calfskin but I really love the Lambskin. It's too hard to maintain so I'm happy with Calfskin. Love my wallet even until now, been eyeing it for so long. Thank You baby! (:

It's the black & white x flower.

 Initially we wanted to dine at Pince & Pints but they don't take reservation and its a Saturday. To substitute for my Lobster, we still did had Lobster at Crystal Jade (Takashimaya). Both the porridge and Lobster E-fu Noodle are yummy! Such a big lobster for just $38+, can eat right?!

After dins, went to meet the smellies couple at smelly John's crib for a short Youtube session. Ohhh guys, you all should watch "The Return of Superman" it is very nice and addictive. Anyway, We went to KTV at Cash Studio (Cuppage). We didn't know that this outlet had replaced their controller with mobile app. It's draining to the battery but you can ask for a charger. They explained that app is much faster than their initial controller. Overall, my birthday was simple yet I'm very happy with this simplicity. Hope you like and take note of what I shared about HardRock Hotel!


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Thursday, October 16, 2014

It was truly an honor to be invited to the Ronald McDonald House Charities® Singapore (RMHC) dinner which was held at McDonalds (Suntec City) last night. It's a blogger event hosted through OMY SG and it was also my first time attending a blogger event where bloggers could interact with one another, I made friends there! Such a wonderful experience. I went there alone, was a little confused of how everything's going to be like, I literally over think hahaha! In my past 25 years journey on this earth living in Singapore, from the day I started to really understand the earthlings language.. I HAD NEVER HEARD ABOUT RMHC although I'm a fan of Mcdonalds (food)! Last night's dinner allowed me to know the existence of this charity organization and what is it all about and I am truly committed to pass my "knowledge" about RMHC and ask you guys to JOIN ME in this charity event. First, let me share some moments with you.

I was welcomed by a note of love, with my name printed on it.

I had contributed.. What about you?

My cute socks~ GET YOURS NOW!

I was fat.. oops I meant, FED!

A detailed talk about #RMHC was given.

Sharing how through RMHC, Miracle had been blessed.
Here's a short story of the little girl in the above picture: Her name is Miracle, simply because she's one. She was born premature and had to be hospitalized for 7 months. During her hospitalization, her parents was housed in RMHC located in NUH. RMHC cater to both parents and child during tough times like this. They don't have to travel to & fro from home between home & hospital. Children also will naturally feel more safe with their parents around when they are sick, especially what's more if they are going through all the pain. We all know how expensive are hospital bills in Singapore.

Here's a video of the cute packaging (Pardon my violent-ness~ hehe.)


It is an independently administered charity incepted in 1989 on a simple mission which is to directly improve the health and well-being of children in Singapore. In January 2013, the charity started a Ronald McDonald House™ (RMH) with the support of National University Hospital, Singapore (NUH) Paediatric Department to provide a "home-away-from-home" for families to stay close to their hospitalised child.

WHAT had RMHC installed for you and I on it's 40th Anniversary?

1. Make a Donation, Put on the socks & Show Your Stripes 

Starting from 15 October - 28 October, you can make a donation to the charity by purchasing a pair of red and white striped socks via Groupon (CLICK HERE!). Price is at $10, $20 or $50

** In appreciation of each purchase, McDonald’s has included a free Strawberry Sundae treat that can be redeemed at any McDonald’s restaurant in Singapore.**

2. Share Your Stripes and raise awareness through #forRMHC and #RMHCSG 

Help spread the word by dressing in red and white stripes, donning on the socks, and creating your own red-and-white themed images. Share these images along with your well wishes for these families on Instagram with #forRMHC and #RMHCSG. 

3. Join us on 16 November for McHappy Day 2014 

RMHC’s 40th anniversary celebrations will culminate on McDonald’s annual McHappy Day, on 16 November 2014. McHappy Day will see some 600 volunteers participating in the McHappy Day Walk and Sale across Singapore, selling the signature red and white striped socks. Volunteers comprise corporate staff and restaurant crew from McDonald’s Singapore and other friends of RMHC Singapore. Families with young children are also welcomed to join in the fun at the #forRMHC Party at Tampines Mall from 1.00pm to 5.00pm. Members of the public can join in on the fun and participate at the various booths that offer balloon sculpting, face painting for children, games and more. Ronald will also make an appearance for photo taking with the children. 


RMHC is located in NUH. Here's how it look like.

The Kitchen

The Living Room

The Bedroom

Here's my heartfelt comment after attending the event last night. I really didn't know the RMHC existence until last night, I am really committed to help now because I know that living in Singapore is not cheap at all. To have all the existing, various Charities organization set up in Singapore is never easy. Just take a look at our monthly expenses on upkeeping our own home. Now, we are talking about housing for someone else who is in need. Bills have to be paid, plants have to be watered, things that spoil over time have to be replace. All these.. need money. So please donate today and help raise awareness for RMHC. You can also volunteer yourself for their upcoming events.
Let's do our part!

All the above information, credit goes to RMHC official.
For more info you can log on to the following website:
RMHC Official: http://rmhc.org.sg/

For media queries, please contact:

Hannah Pichay or          Lim Yue Feng

   DID: 6551 5434                 DID: 6551 5445

HP: 8228 5865              HP: 9741 3793

       Email:  hpichay@golin.com      Email:  ylim@golin.com

Let me put this post to a close with the Omybloggers tribes with stripes!


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Tuesday, October 14, 2014
GX BKK INVASION (2nd-5th Oct)

Here's the super outdated post on my BKK Trip, like finally. I was busy with my birthday celebration, theboy's & my lover's convocation. It all ended yesterday. Okay, lets get straight to the point now. It's been 4 years since I last touched BKK, it feels like 6 to 7 years though. Still the same.. I don't like Bangkok.. to everyone it's the LAND OF SMILE for me it's LAND OF CHEATERS. Okay, I seriously wasn't sure if I'm plain suay or what, all my trips, taxi drivers or even the people there were trying to con my monies! Some cab driver even pray to dead centipede or cockroaches in their cab. Nevertheless, I guess the most awesome part about this trip is about W BANGKOK  hotel!


Let's SCOOT away with my BFF!

Arrived at Don Mueang Airport (DMK) after 2 hours plus flight. I must say.. the timing for Scoot is lousy, it was a evening flight. Anyway, first thing to do after touched down, is to buy their local prepaid card and get data plan so that my Instagram can be up to date haha. Hop on a cab and arrived at W BANGKOK HOTEL. I fall in love with it at the first sight. They were having this "BOXING GLOVE" theme. Let me bring you on a Lobby tour.

After check-in it's time now for the room. We were given the choice to choose either to have 1 King size bedroom or 2 beds bedroom. Thankfully, We chose the 2 beds because it is TWO QUEEN SIZE BED! We were located on Level 30, Room 3008. This hotel is "very clean". My last BKK accommodation was Baiyoke Boutique Hotel, it's "dirty". I guess you guys should know what I meant. At W Bangkok, I felt so safe, I can bathe & stay in the room alone without BFF, of course with my worship/praise songs on.

BFF & I was snapping away, our mobile, my NX Mini or even her GO Pro was activated.
The coolest thing I found was a tablet-looking controller which controls the air-conditioning, Alarm & even the lightings of the whole room. Are you guilty for asking your partners/friends to off the lights when you're lazy or scared and they have to walk to the switches, alone? I am. So this tablet is what I need, hahaha! Here I was trying to figure out this device and BFF snap away using my camera.

After ransacking our room, we went out to recky what's near us & the BTS (their Train System) and we ended the night kind of early as we were both tired. Getting ready for shopping!

Day 2 - Hello Kitty House - Terminal 21 - Siam Square - Rot Fai Market (Train Market)

Before we head out, I took a selfie, we re-take the photo with "W", right at the hotel entrance & we took BTS for the first time today.

Had our late breakfast at Hello Kitty House. I walked passed a nice cafe which is not yet open for business, along the same stretch of road with Kitty house which makes me stopped & snap a picture, it's called "After you" I'll visit you the next round. (:

Here I was at a placed filled with my favorite Hello Kitty! They don't have much choices for main course, so if you're really hungry, please have something, somewhere else first before hitting the cafe.
Nevertheless, the food is cheap & yummy!

Our dining table

My TeaBreak with Kitty

My Hot Chocolate - Yummy chocolate with strawberry flavoring. (130 Baht)
BFF's "Very Berry" - mixed berries with yogurt. (150 Baht)

Salmon Salad - Fresh Salmon wrapped with ultra fresh veggies. (210 Baht)

Ham & Cheese Sandwich - Fresh toasted kitty-face bread with Cheese, Ham, Tomatoes & lettuce. (190 Baht)

The whole meal cost 680 Baht = SGD 27 (incl. GST). Moving on, we did a short shopping at Terminal 21 which is quite near to Siam & coincidentally spotted The Stickhouse. A few months ago, I saw my darling Anabel posted on her instagram and I told myself I will have to try it. I not a fan of ice-cream and this isn't ice-cream, more like ice-juice, no cream taste! hahhaha! It's as if or made up with pure fruit juice because it tasted like it! This is a MUST-TRY. We chosen Watermelon with Kiwi, mixture of sweet & sour. It probably cost just 100-200 Baht, I forgotten. Choose the topping you want & lick away~

Terminal 21 has nothing much to shop, the price for the clothings is expensive, as good as buying in Singapore. But the SNAIL WHITE cream is cheaper there, its 850 Baht = SGD 33.70 and on their official website (Singapore) is selling SGD 58. I got one to try, the result was so far so good. We headed back to Siam for more shopping & dinner. Gotten my Adidas tights for my dance class (V.A.T refund available). In Bangkok, we all should eat Fuji Restaurant, the famous Japanese restaurant, we had it at Siam Paragon outlet. The food is heavenly.. Fresh Sashimi, Yummy Garlic Rice, Juicy Beef and many more.. The beef tasted the same as what I had in Taiwan.

It's time for ROT FAI MARKET (Train Market), SHOPPING TIME! My last visit wasn't pleasant because most of the clothes in BKK were too big for me. But this time round, I was really surprise that beside boutique, I can shop at Nightmarket. Some of them actually have sizes to choose from now. I shop so much and was to tired to party so BFF went ahead with her cousins. Here's my Day 2 Loot. The mixture of brand & brandless.

JJ Market - ONSEN - DEMO

Look who's always the slow one!

I remember during my last trip, I only gotten one cardigan from Chatuchak  Market which is also known as JJ Market. This time round, I bought so much, so much that my hands couldn't carry anymore. Thankfully, I have my BFF to help me handle some bags. I look as if I'm there to get stock for my blogshop. Bumped into many Singaporeans whom shop for their Blogshop there with big, pasar malam bags. Some design carries different sizes too.
Before the shopping starts, I found something new which I've added to my food list. I don't know the name but I know I love it. It was so yummy that I couldn't stop eating, there was so much good food there and I was prepared to bomb the toilet. The uncle was the hero behind my favorite food now. LOL!

Here's somemore food.. couldn't resist the tempting quirl eggs, so we had it. As for the 2nd and 3rd picture, the food is awful. It's a Muslim stall in the middle of the Market, BFF still ask if they can add more PORK! hahahah! We were tempted by the icy Pepsi in the fridge and the table & chairs after much shopping and so we settled in, but it was into our horror! Don't eat.. I mean it!

After shopping for 4 hours plus in JJ Market, we went back to the hotel to rest for awhile and look what we found! W Bangkok change their carpet from Good Morning - Good Afternoon - Good Evening. They were simply so heart-warming lah. 

Here's the Day 3 loot!

After some rest, we went to meet Kenny who asked us to join them for ONSEN. Without knowing what exactly it was, we went and it was boring. It's hot spring.. we thought we could get to massage ):
Wrong move but it's an experience. So they actually have pool temperature ranging from 41 - 50 plus degree and a cold pool at 9 degree. Very much win, we so wanna kill Kenny! No photos can be taken in the changing room & pool as everyone's naked. 450 Baht = SGD 17.90 for unlimited "soaking". Love my kimono though~
Here's where you get your kimono.

Place your slippers outside before entering

No photography beyond here

 After ONSEN, we went for dinner just next door. We were famished after the soaking. Yes we had Japanese food again for dinner. The food really wasn't that amazing, really. After dinner we went back to hotel to get changed for the party. We were stucked in massive human jam as the Thai were celebrating Deepavali  3 weeks before us. They choked up the whole road along my hotel & we ended up smelling like Curry & Pepper because of the ceremony and the havoc from squeezing through those people. Horrible experience. We head out to party at Demo. All BKK clubs close at 2a.m now, so if you're going, don't think that it is going to open till dawn.


Withdrawal syndrome because it's the last day already. Holiday just seems to pass so fast ):

Took the last opportunity to look for "Dogshit" in MBK because theboy love it. Got some tidbits for office & a new, pretty luggage and had a simple meal. Cab down to Big C Supermarket, the biggest hypermarket in BKK which beat Carrefour. Gotten some daily necessities there, its very cheap.
Here's the meal I had in MBK. The Tom Yam Soup is good but the giant prawn & coconut drink is tasteless.

This is such a long post. Thank you for bearing with me. In closing, I still don't really like going to Thailand. My top list is still Taiwan. It is equally cheap and maybe just a few dollars difference. But the quality you get is a huge difference. I prefer going to places where there isn't any communication barrier although my chinese is bad. hahaha. I hope you like my sharing on 4D3N trip to BKK and trust me, choose W Bangkok Hotel, you will not be disappointed.


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